Alburnus Scoranza

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Absence of faint dark lateral stripe in. Fresh opis 1 organic.

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Skadar lake bleak is the most significant sweet water fish in montenegro.

Alburnus scoranza. Aspius arborella bonaparte 1841. Alburnus scoranza és una espècie de peix de la família dels ciprínids i de l ordre dels cipriniformes. Scales on the lateral line 47 53 2.

Aspius alborella de filippi 1844. Alburnus scoranza non heckel kner 1858 alburnus scoranza bonaparte 1845. You can help wikipedia by expanding it.

видът е разпространен в албания северна македония и черна гора. Lago di scutari montenegro ed albania. Aspius ochrodon fitzinger 1832.

Pectoral not reaching pelvic base. It is a small type of fish most commonly described as a freshwater sardine. It can be consumed in several ways as deep fried when fresh.

Alburnus strigio bonaparte 1845. Nomenclatura specifica valida come alburnus scoranza heckel kner 1858 secondo freyhof kottelat 2007 214 kottelat freyhof 2007 173 buj et al. 2015 44 come autore è citato bonaparte 1845.

Arrainen barruko actinopterygii klasean sailkatzen da cyprinidae familian. Alburnus scoranza is supposedly distributed in the western balkans from the drin drainage including skadar and ohrid lakes south to the aoos in greece where it is restricted to a short section of the middle section of the river within the konitsa plateau downstream to the albanian border barbieri et al. Alburnus scoranza alburnus generoko animalia da.

Referències modifica rafinesque c. Alburnus scoranzoides heckel kner 1858. It occurs only in the basins of lake skadar in montenegro albania and lake ohrid the republic of macedonia.

2010 131 barbieri et al. Alburnus scoranza е вид лъчеперка от семейство шаранови cyprinidae. Alburnus albidus costa 1838 4 2003 scardinius knezevici bianco kottelat 2005 unpublished data 2 alburnus scoranza hechel kner 1858 34 2011 scardinius knezevici 7 alburnus scoranza 18 original nomenclature has been used as given in the work simonović nikolić 2005 2007.

Ventral keel exposed for at least 2 3 of distance from anus to pelvic base. Alburnus striatus petrov 1926. Skadar lake bleak alburnus scoranza category.

Origin of anal fin below or immediate behind base of last branched dorsal ray. Fish and seafood tags. References this cyprinidae related article is a stub.

Anal fin with 13 14 branched rays. Sinonimo di alburnus alburnus linnaeus 1758 secondo kottelat 1997 45. Differs from its congeners in adriatic basin by the following characters.

Aspius alburnoides selys longchamps 1842. Alburnus scoranza is a species of ray finned fish in the genus alburnus. This page was last.

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