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Alligatorfish definition a slender marine fish aspidophoroides monopterygius of atlantic seas having overlapping plates covering the body. Alligatorfish synonyms alligatorfish pronunciation alligatorfish translation english dictionary definition of alligatorfish.

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It was described by marcus elieser bloch in 1786.

Aligatorfisch. The alligatorfish aspidophoroides monopterygius also known commonly as the aleutian alligatorfish and the atlantic alligatorfish is a fish in the family agonidae poachers. What does alligatorfish mean. Alligatorfish used as a noun is very rare.

Aleutian alligator fish atlantic alligatorfish. Alligatorfish wordreference english dictionary questions discussion and forums. In this video i go alligator gar fishing with my good friend and guide henry.

Alligatorfish small very elongate sea poachers aspidophoroides monopterygius sea poacher sea poker poacher small slender fish with body. We had high hopes and ended catching the biggest gar any of us have seen. 1 synonym for alligatorfish.

Synonyms for alligatorfish in free thesaurus. Alligatorfish noun the noun alligatorfish has 1 sense. It is a marine temperate water dwelling fish which is known from the northwestern atlantic ocean including western greenland.

Small very elongate sea poachers familiarity information. Alligatorfish plural alligatorfishes or alligatorfish aspidophoroides monopterygius a bottom dwelling marine fish in the family agonidae which is found along the coasts of the northwestern atlantic. Rp 200 000 00 hingga 600 000 00 tropical gar harganya mulai.

Alligator gar have been my favorite fish. Jenis dan harga ikan aligator atau ikan gar ikan buaya longnose gar 20 cm sampai 40 cm. Nothing whatever is known of the life of the alligatorfish except that it is a bottom fish and that it has been repeatedly found in the stomachs of cod haddock and halibut although it is not much thicker or softer than an iron spike.

What are synonyms for alligatorfish. And cape cod.

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