Ameiurus Platycephalus

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Longer and relatively straight anal fin with 22 24 rays. As its name suggests this species has a distinctly flattened head.

Snail Flat Bullhead Id Chart Avg Size 12 16 Inches Large

Ameiurus platycephalus the flat bullhead is a species of north american freshwater catfish native to the waters of the southeastern united states from virginia to georgia this species grows to a maximum length of 29 cm 11 in tl though it is more commonly about 23 cm 9 in long.

Ameiurus platycephalus. If you would like to donate any denomination of monies to the site just click the above link button. If you would like to contribute to the monthly factsheets with an article information or photos please e mail me. Flat bullhead flad dværgmalle.

Scientific name ameiurus platycephalus location twitty s cr charlotte co va. As the name suggests the flat bullhead has a flat head. Ameiurus platycephalus girard 1859 common name.

Synonym s ictalurus platycephalus pimelodus platycephalus. You will of course be credited for your work. Ameiurus platycephalus flat bullhead fishes native transplant.

Maxillary barbel is bicolored pale on the leading edge and dark posteriorly. Ai mee you russ plah tee seff ah luss. Jenkins and burkhead 1994.

Ameiurus platycephalus là loài cá da trơn nước ngọt bắc mỹ có nguồn gốc từ các vùng nước miền đông nam hoa kỳ từ virginia đến georgia loài này đạt chiều dài lớn nhất là 29 cm 11 in tl mặc dù chiều dài phổ biến của chúng chỉ bằng 23 cm 9 in. 2 3 видът е незастрашен от изчезване. Click on an image to view larger version data in a new window.

The body is gold yellow to dark brown above and dusky cream to white below. The flat bullhead is a small species of catfish found in the southeastern united states from virginia down to georgia. Other names for ameiurus platycephalus girard 1859 flat bullhead common name.

Ameiurus platycephalus ameiurus platycephalus. The rear edge of the pectoral spine lacks sawlike teeth and the snout has a fairly straight profile. Collection info point map species profile animated map.

Ameiurus platycephalus girard 1859 common names. Translate this page with. Page and burr 1991.

Large black blotch across base of dorsal fin chin barbels white. Savannah river drainage near anderson south carolina u s a. Ameiurus platycephalus е вид лъчеперка от семейство ictaluridae.

Ameiurus platycephalus girard 1859 identification.

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