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Lokmansteroidogenic acute regulatory protein transcript abundance in the eel anguilla australis. Anguilla australis report on itis.

Richardson 1841 short finned eel anguilla australis schmidti phillipps 1925.

Anguilla australis. Gray 1831 mottled eel. The fish was exported to china where it currently lives as a showpiece in a shanghai restaurant aquarium. Anguilla australis richardson 1841 short finned eel add your observation in fish watcher.

Southern shortfin eel anguilla australis caught by lawrie mcenally in christmas creek frederickton near kempsey new south wales 28 july 2013. Changes during the induced reproductive cycle and effects of follicle stimulating hormone during previtellogenesis. 1928 the freshwater eels of australia with some remarks on the short finned species of anguilla records of the australian museum vol.

Human observation catalogue number. Proceedings of the general meetings for scientific business of the zoological society of london 1841 pt 9. On some new or little known fishes from the australian seas.

Anguilla australis aquamaps data sources. Anguilla australis shortfin eel date. Anguilla australis australis j.

Dispersal pattern of glass eel stage of anguilla australis revealed by otolith growth increments. Inaturalist australia basis of record. Genetic differentiation among populations of the shortfinned eel anguilla australis from east australia and new zealand.

The short finned eel anguilla australis also known as the shortfin eel is one of the 15 species of eel in the family anguillidae it is native to the lakes dams and coastal rivers of south eastern australia new zealand and much of the south pacific including new caledonia norfolk island lord howe island tahiti and fiji. This map was computer generated and has not yet been reviewed. New south wales data resource.

Anguilla australis richardson 1841 references. Journal of fish biology 70 suppl. Anguilla schrank 1798 freshwater eels.

Anguilla de garsault 1764 ex schrank 1798. Native range all suitable habitat point map year 2100. Anguilla australis occidentalis schmidt 1928 synonym.

Anguilla australis richardson 1841 shortfinned eel shortfinned freshwater eel shortfin eel river eel silver eel australian shortfinned eel anguille d australie anguila australiana. Anguilla anguilla linnaeus 1758 european eel anguilla annosa stinton 1975.

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