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The grey triggerfish balistes capriscus gmelin 1789 belongs to the class of the actinopterygii the ray finned fishes to the order of the tetraodontiformes and to the family of balistidae the name of the genus balistes comes from the latin ballista crossbow due to the arcuate shape of the big fins and the presence on the dorsal of a trigger mechanism evoking this weapon of. Gmelin 1789 grey triggerfish.

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Predator prey interactions between gray triggerfish balistes capriscus gmelin and a guild of sand dollars around artificial reefs in the northeastern gulf of mexico.

Balistes capriscus. Family balistidae triggerfish. To fishbase from synonym balistes spilotopterygius walbaum 1792 to fishbase from synonym balistes taeniopterus poey 1860 to global biotic interactions globi to iucn red list vulnerable from synonym balistes capriscus gronow 1854 to nmnh extant collection balistes capriscus usnm 405175 photograph lateral view. New marine life trivia.

They have sharp teeth for cutting into hard shelled prey like sea urchins and starfish. The grey triggerfish or gray triggerfish balistes capriscus is a ray finned fish in the triggerfish family the species is native to shallow parts of the western atlantic from nova scotia to argentina and also the eastern atlantic the mediterranean sea and off angola on the west coast of africa. In its appearance and habits the grey triggerfish is a typical member of the genus balistes.

Fishes pdf updated 4 12 19. Balistes is a genus of triggerfish. Balistes capriscus gmelin 1789.

Native range all suitable habitat point map year 2100. Anal fin rays 23 26 usually 24 or 25. Dorsal fin rays 26 29 usually 27 or 28.

Balistes polylepis steindachner 1876 finescale triggerfish. Fish collection database of the university of british columbia fish museum fish museum. There are currently four recognized species in this genus.

Balistes capriscus gmelin 1789 grey triggerfish add your observation in fish watcher. When threatened these distinctively shaped fish can slip into a small crevasse and erect their front dorsal spine which locks it onto place wedging them firmly into their hiding spot. Balistes capriscus aquamaps data sources.

Scales above pectoral fin base and just behind gill slit much enlarged and partially separate forming a flexible tympanu no conspicuous blue or dark lines or bands on head. Balistes moribundus cope 1871 balistes powellii cope 1870 balistes taeniopterus poey 1860 balistes carolinensis gronow 1854 balistes capriscus gronow 1854 balistes fuliginosus dekay 1842 balistes caprinus valenciennes 1839 balistes buniva lacepède 1803 balistes spilotopterygius walbaum 1792. Gmelin 1789 bluespotted triggerfish balistes vegai lopez carr lorenzo 2019 clarification needed balistes vetula linnaeus 1758.

This map was computer generated and has not yet been reviewed.

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Grey Triggerfish Or Gray Triggerfish Balistes Capriscus Google

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