Balistes Vetula

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Hypernyms balistes vetula is a kind of. This fish is called cochino in cuba and this is the probable origin of.

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Oval shaped body and a strongly lunate tail with trailing filaments on upper and lower tips a broad blue band on tail base and a blue submargin on fin.

Balistes vetula. The queen triggerfish comes from the reefs of the caribbean ocean and is a very striking fish that will add a new. The queen triggerfish balistes vetula linnaeus 1758 belongs to the class of the actinopterygii the ray finned fishes to the order of tetraodontiformes and to the family balistidae the so called triggerfishes the name of the genus comes from the latin balista crossbow with reference to this weapon due to the arcuate shape of the fins and the trigger ready to spring the fish has. They can dart into crevasses when threatened and lock their dorsal fin in place to prevent predators from pulling them out.

Balistes vetula abrolhos bahia brazil photo. Body greenish or bluish grey with series of dark oblique lines on sides. Queen trigger balistes vetula rating name email review subject comments 799 00 1 249 00 current stock.

These colorful oval shaped fish are popular aquarium attractions. Create new wish list product overview. Balistes vetula the queen triggerfish or old wife is a reef dwelling triggerfish found in the atlantic ocean.

Genus balistes type genus of the. It is occasionally caught as a gamefish and sometimes kept in very large marine aquaria etymology. They also can produce an audible warning from special membranes warning other fish to keep away.

Triggerfish any of numerous compressed deep bodied tropical fishes with sandpapery skin and erectile spines in the first dorsal fin holonyms balistes vetula is a member of. Add to wish list.

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