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There are currently four recognized species in this genus. These colorful oval shaped fish are popular aquarium attractions.

Grey Triggerfish Or Gray Triggerfish Balistes Capriscus Google

What does balistes mean.

Balistes. They can dart into crevasses when threatened and lock their dorsal fin in place to prevent predators from pulling them out. Media in category balistes the following 5 files are in this category out of 5 total. 1992 balistes carolinensis 5521.

Balistes noun the noun balistes has 1 sense. Type genus of the balistidae familiarity information. Balistes definition is the type genus of balistidae.

Latin balista ae crossbowman. In its appearance and habits the grey triggerfish is a typical member of the genus balistes. Poissons naturalisés baliste glam 2016musée d histoire naturelle de lille jpg 3 950 1 926.

Actinopterygii ray finned fishes tetraodontiformes puffers and filefishes balistidae triggerfishes etymology. Balistes used as a noun is very rare. When threatened these distinctively shaped fish can slip into a small crevasse and erect their front dorsal spine which locks it onto place wedging them firmly into their hiding spot.

The grey triggerfish or gray triggerfish balistes capriscus is a ray finned fish in the triggerfish family the species is native to shallow parts of the western atlantic from nova scotia to argentina and also the eastern atlantic the mediterranean sea and off angola on the west coast of africa. Gmelin 1789 grey triggerfish. Karyotype analysis of the teleostean fish balistes carolinensis and lophius piscatorius suggest the occurrence of two different karyoevolutional pathways.

Balistes carolinensis with the common name grey triggerfish belongs to the fishes group grey triggerfish balistes carolinensis gmelin 1789 toggle navigation. They also can produce an audible warning from special membranes warning other fish to keep away. Fishes of the bahamas and adjacent tropical waters.

Gmelin 1789 bluespotted triggerfish balistes vegai lopez carr lorenzo 2019 clarification needed balistes vetula linnaeus 1758. Balistes polylepis steindachner 1876 finescale triggerfish. They have sharp teeth for cutting into hard shelled prey like sea urchins and starfish.

In greek ballo to throw ref. Balistes is a genus of triggerfish.

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Grey Triggerfish Or Gray Triggerfish Balistes Capriscus Google

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