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In fishbase froese r. Ballerus ballerus linnaeus 1758 zope ballerus sapa pallas 1814 white eye bream references.

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The existence of two incompatible web frameworks called zope has caused a lot of confusion.

Ballerus ballerus. Ballerus ballerus is one of the more streamlined breams with a more laterally compressed body especially towards the tail and an upturned mouth. Linnaeus 1758 subspecies variations synonyms. Ballerus ballerus taxonomy id.

Ballerus ballerus linnaeus 1758 nomenclatura. The eye is small it has small scales and the lateral line consists of 67 75 scales. Future threats habitats directive article 17 codes.

Ballerus ballerus linnaeus 1758 homotypic synonym. 155074 for references in articles please use ncbi txid155074 current name. Abramis ballerus taxon details on integrated taxonomic information system itis.

Ballerus ballerus in the world register of marine species. Abramis ballerus linnaeus 1758 cyprinus ballerus linnaeus 1758 cyprinus farenus linnaeus 1758 combinació original. Ve větší míře se vyskytuje v dolní moravě a dyji na slovensku v dunaji a jeho přítocích.

Ballerus ballerus taxonomical group. Species of ballerus in fishbase. 6 2 years past and current threats habitats directive article 17 codes.

It is a pale silvery colour with either pale yellowish or colourless fins. Ballerus is a genus of cyprinid fish containing two eurasian species. Průměrná váha lovených ryb je asi 0 3 až 0 5 kg.

Froese rainer and pauly daniel eds. Je bez hospodářského významu. Examples of ballerus ballerus ballerus also known as the zope or the blue bream is a fish native to eurasia ballerus ballerus feeds mostly on larger zooplankton it can reach sizes of up to about 45 cm and a weight of around 0 8 kg.

Cyprinus ballerus linnaeus 1758. Differs from ballerus sapa by having superior mouth 62 77 scales on lateral line and small eye with diameter about 2 3 of snout length in individuals larger than 10 cm sl ref. I když je řazen mezi ohrožené druhy není zatím chráněn.

Blue bream ncbi blast name. Abramis ballerus generation length.

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