Barbus Denisonii

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Sahyadria denisonii day 1865 red line torpedo barb synonymstop. Labeo denisonii day 1865.

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La barbus de denison sahyadria denisonii mesure jusqu à 15 cm de longueur totale son corps est allongé et en forme de fuseau avec deux barbillons dans la bouche le dos est olive le fond blanchâtre.

Barbus denisonii. Puntius formerly barbus denisonii. Denison barb red lined torpedo barb rose line shark scientific name. The red line torpedo barb was originally described as labeo denisonii by f.

Labeo denisonii day 1865. Named after sahyadri noun a vernacular name for the western ghats mountain ranges. Puntius denisonii day 1865.

Roseline shark 3 4 puntius denisonii fwf odd redline barb fish size. Denison barb red lined torpedo barb denison s flying fox rose line shark miss kerala red line torpedo barb chorai kanni denisoni barb bleeding eye barb indian flasher barb scientific name. Denisonii barb see more.

Verenvuoto eye barb denison barb denisonin lentävä fox red comet barb punainen viiva punainen viivoitettu torpedo fish roseline shark. Day 1865 crossocheilus denisonii f. Day 1865 the denison barb denison s barb miss kerala red line torpedo barb or roseline shark sahyadria denisonii is an endangered species of cyprinid fish endemic to the fast flowing hill streams and rivers of the western ghats in india.

Crossocheilus denisonii day 1865. Barbus denisonii day 1865. Named for sir william thomas denison 1804 1871 governor of madras india from.

This barb is an example of what can happen to a species that is wild caught and suddenly becomes in high demand. Matt clarke explains how to keep it. It is also referred to as barbus denisonii crossocheilus denisonii and barbus denisonii.

Barbus denisonii day 1865. Prior scientific names include barbus denisonii barbus denisonii crossocheilus denisonii and labeo denisonii. Muita yleisimpiä nimiä ovat.

Puntius denisonii day 1865 biotop. Denisonii are now being bred in captivity for the ornamental fish trade both in india and elsewhere. Puntius barbus denisonii has become incredibly popular during the past year.

Fortunately increasing numbers of p. Found in chaliar kallada chalakkudipuzha aralam wildlife sanctuary mundakayam the kallar river and travancore hill ranges. After being named as one of the top new fish species by aquarama the international ornamental fish exhibition this.

Pethia nigrofasciata günther 1868 black ruby barb species profile from seriously fish including breeding information. Aiemmat tieteelliset nimitykset ovat barbus denisonii barbus denisoni crosscoilus denisonii ja labeo denisonii. Crossocheilus denisonii day 1865.

Day 1865 puntius denisonii f. Kotimaassaan intiassa heitä kutsutaan usein miss kerala. Regiony kerala and karnataka v indii.

Le long des flancs s étend une bande longitudinale noire qui est accompagnée dans la première moitié du corps par un ruban rouge. Red line torpedo barb sahyadria denisonii barbus denisonii labeo den.

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