Belontia Signata

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Belontia signata taxon details on integrated taxonomic information system itis. Contact info.

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It can reach a length of 18 centimetres 7 1 in tl though most are only around 10 centimetres 3 9 in.

Belontia signata. Common in the south west quarter and mid hill region of the mahaweli basin including the lower hills up to about 800 m. Polyacanthus signatus günther 1861. Belontia signata in the world register of marine species.

Drže se u planinskim rijekama među vodenim biljkama i korijenjem drveća kao i u rijekama i ribnjacima nizinama u blizini obale među biljkama. Belontiinae subfamily hyponyms genus. Na jednoho samce je lépe chovat několi.

O potěr se stará samec který také staví pěnové hnízdo. Itis col worms cloffa actinopterygii ray finned fishes perciformes perch likes osphronemidae gouramies belontiinae more on author. The combtail in addition to normal gills has a labyrinth or rudimentary lung like organ which.

Macropodus signatus günther 1861. Home search signata. An identifying feature is the extension of the rays of the caudal fin tail beyond the web of the fin giving the appearance of a comb from which this fish gets its common name.

Agresivní ryba libující si v hustě zarostlých nádržích. Dorsal part of fish is reddish in color and distributed throughout the body. Belontia signata thalkossa 9 03 am belontia signata thalkossa.

Van der laan r. Home belontia signata thalkossa belontia signata thalkossa. Belontia hasselti belontia signata.

Belontia signata gunther 1861. Classification names common names synonyms catalog of fishes gen. Belontia signata picture by slaboch r.

Origin edit edit source asia. From the latin signatus meaning marked. Catalog of fishes electronic version.

The body of belontia signata resembles a stocky paradise fish in general outline. Belontia signata in catalog of fishes eschmeyer w n fricke r. Belontia signata jonklaasi benl terofal 1975.

From a vernacular bornean word for an unspecified similar looking species. It is also found in the aquarium trade. Additional names combtail ceylonese combtail comb tailed paradise fish ceylon combtail additional scientific names polyacanthus signatus.

Signata latin participle signāta. Inflection of signātus nominative feminine singular. Belontia signata günther 1861 ceylonese combtail synonymstop.

This fish is very colorific and attractive. Belontia signata the ceylonese combtail is a species of gourami endemic to sri lanka this species inhabits shallow slow flowing clear water streams. Mužjak duljine do 14 7 cm ženke do 13 5 cm.

Signata meaning definition. Stanište na šri lanki.

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