Betta Fish With Big Fins

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As the name suggests this disease affects the fins and tails of betta fish. Often betta fish are kept alone because they have quite the penchant for dueling with anyone or anything else that comes along.

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Here are some common reasons betta fish die.

Betta fish with big fins. Today at 1 10 pm. When they betta fish age the fins tends to be longer when it will lose it. Some varieties may have elongated or elaborate pectoral dorsal or ventral fins as well.

Aggression both from or directed at a betta can reduce its lifespan. It s also interesting to know that sometimes the fin won t grow back in the same color it was before it could be a few shades darker or lighter. It can be prevented by keeping the aquarium or living conditions of the fish clean.

The tail or caudal fin is the most common fancy feature in rare betta fish. The male betta fish have very colorful fins and because of specialized breeding they have the. If a male betta becomes bored it may start to bite at it s own fins which can lead to disease.

A bettas fin grows at about the same rate as your fingernail so if the fin rot is severe it may take a matter of months before the fins are fully healed. It can be caused by bacteria or fungi. Their bottom or anal fin is another.

Clean water is a must for any fish especially bettas. The round tail is a popular and common betta often found in big box pet stores. More common in uncycled tanks and small bowls fin rot attacks and begins to eat away at a betta fish s beautiful fins.

The fins and tail appear to melt away as a result of rotting. Their tails don t come from their bodies in a straight. Half moon double tail and crown tail varieties.

Betta fish can live with other fish and play nice so long as the other fish have small fins. Adults and children alike are enchanted by this fish and spend hours putting their fingers up to the glass tank to watch the betta flare its fins in its telltale threat. Bettas are tropical fish and need water temps between 75 and 80 f.

Betta fish betta splendens can be highly territorial and aggressive in small spaces but in larger tanks this can change because of their aggressive nature these fish should not be housed with slow moving species with large fins that could easily be mistaken for a betta too. Betta fin rot and tail rot melt is a gram negative bacterial infection or fungal infection that is extremely prevalent in betta fish. Betta fish droopy fins betta fish droopy tail betta fish top fin down betta tail drooping crowntail betta fins drooping dorsal fin collapse betta my betta has a droopy tail why are my bettas top fins sag why does my betta fins look droopy trending.

A tank that is at the very least 2 gallons and contains plants and hiding spots is recommended to prevent this. Harassment by tank mates. Excess food can kill your fish.

The betta fish that are used for fighting specifically have shorter fins and super aggressive.

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