Bump Head Fish With Big Head

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The green humphead parrotfish bolbometopon muricatum is the largest species of parrotfish growing to lengths of 1 5 m 4 9 ft and weighing up to 75 kg 165 lb citation needed. Nowadays dark blue species can be seen.

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Here a closer look at the male parrotfish s ossified bump atop its head.

Bump head fish with big head. Blue humphead cichlid male has a nuchal bump on its head and it develops with age. The researchers suspect sexual selection played a role in the development of the bump and the head butting behavior it allows. They do rarely appear on females of certain species but are always smaller than the male bumps.

The body color is olive green with some brown blue or gray inclusions. Got the nastiest bump ever but that big bump on its head is actually a nuchal hump also known as a kok. African humphead cichlid has an elongated body with big head and blue eyes.

This large territorial fish needs a lot of space to swim. Even if it is a sturdy fish avoid the parameter variations of its water because it makes the flowerhorn susceptible to diseases. Allow a minimum of 200 liters 44 imp gal 53 us gal for a fish and 600 liters 132 imp gal 158 us gal for a couple.

Like blood parrot cichlids they are man made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release first developed in malaysia thailand and taiwan they became very popular with. A small lump starts to grow on the fish usually on the head or body. It is found on reefs in the indian and pacific oceans from the red sea in the west to samoa in the east and from the yaeyama islands in the north to the great barrier reef australia in the south.

If the tumor is hanging on by a thread you might be able to snip it off quickly. Their head protuberance or kok is formally termed a nuchal hump. The formation of this forehead bulge is hormonally induced and swells up on male cichlid fish right around mating time.

Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. And while tiny larvae are in no way shocking these are because the bump head sunfish is one of the biggest bony fish in the world. The growth may be pink whitish or even black.

Sometimes the fish won t eat or seems depressed. Meaning these tiny fish babies ultimately grow into 10 foot long. It could be lumpy like cauliflower or smooth.

Sedating the fish with clove oil can make this easier.

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