Corydoras Adolfoi Breeding

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This article contains detailed information on care feeding the breeding of this beautiful fish. Adolfo s catfish corydoras adolfoi.

Corydoras Venezuelanus Orange Aquarium Fish Aquarium Catfish

By mona opland.

Corydoras adolfoi breeding. In respect of preparing a breeding tank for the corydoras it is generally recommended that the bottom is covered in small rounded pebbles or fine substrate avoiding sharp edged objects that can damage the sensitive barbels. Adolfoi out into view. The aquarium should be well mature before this species is added and frequent partial water changes are a must as they can be very sensitive to elevated nitrate levels.

As a sociable species corydoras adolfoi must be kept in groups of 5 or more. Get or print a qr code for this species profile or try our lfs label creator. Larvae freezedried tubifex sinking hikari cory food tablets frozen brine shrimps and so on jbl krill flake food now and then as well.

2020 mar 13 08 08 species record created. Corydoras adolfoi breeding hi everyone in this video you can see how corydoras adolfoi behave at spawning time holds eggs between pelvic fins laying eggs and how males chase female enjoy in. Y group of 8 wild caught c.

In those 3 weeks i provided lots of nutritous and varied food frozen such as red mosq. Corydoras adolfoi do like swimming spaces at the front of the. Allan james 5.

Look up corydoras ln9 adolfoi on fishbase. Like other corydoras species corydoras adolfoi are easy to breed in an aquarium environment. More on corydoras ln9 adolfoi.

There will be 20 30 eggs laid in each batch and the female will carry them by creating a pouch with her pelvic fins to deposit them on the underside of plant leaves or even the tank glass. Large shoals of small midwater dither fish will encourage c. Learn about the adolfos catfish corydoras adolfoi.

Adolfoi spawned for the first time in my tank only 3 weeks after purchasing them. Place two males per female if possible into a well oxygenated breeding tank a corner sponge filter is preferred densely planted with fine leaved vegetation or furnished with spawning mops. Breeding corydoras adolfoi breeding corydoras burgessi axelrod 1987 breeding corydoras davidsandsi black 1987 spawning of the broad banded corydoras adolfoi.

Plenty of water changes to provide a good clean climate should induce spawning. 2001 apr 25 00 00.

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