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Large shoals of small midwater dither fish will encourage c. Hoffmann classification names common names synonyms catalog of fishes gen.

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Adolfo s cory corydoras adolfoi are a small peaceful corydora species found in a small tributrary of the upper rio negro basin near são gabriel da cachoeira brazil.

Corydoras adolfoi s m. Females have a larger underbelly when viewed from the top will look a lot wider than a male. Adolfoi out into view. The adolfo s cory catfish corydoras adolfoi is a very uncommon and attractively marked species that is native to peru and brazil.

Adolfo s catfish prefer fairly soft neutral water with a ph of 5 3 to 5 4 with a temperature range between 75 and 83 degrees fahrenheit and up to 25 dgh. The adolfo s cory catfish is a very rare and beautiful species that develops bright yellow orange coloration on its head with maturity and is a superb community fish. Unsubstantiated sources report that it also occurs in the rio uaupés a tributary 0f the rio negro in colombia.

Corydoras adolfoi burgess 1982 adolfo s cory etymology. Members of the corydoras scientific genus are relatively hardy and tend to be very social with other cory catfish. This corydoras is rather robust and will make a good choice for beginners except its price.

As a sociable species corydoras adolfoi must be kept in groups of 5 or more. Corydoras adolfoi picture by hoffmann p. Males are smaller in length than females also.

The aquarium should be well mature before this species is added and frequent partial water changes are a must as they can be very sensitive to elevated nitrate levels. This species is often confused with a very close species. Sexing edit edit source usually when properly conditioned the difference between the male and female corydora becomes quite evident.

In fact the only difference will lie in the fact that the black band of corydoras adolfoi is thinner than that of corydoras duplicareus. The substrate should consist of soft sand to protect the delicate barbel area and have plenty of shady hiding spots alongside bogwood and plants. From the ancient greek κόρυς korus meaning helmet and δορά dora meaning skin hide of an animal in allusion to the rows of bony plates on the flanks of genus members.

Named for legendary fish collector adolfo schwartz who first made this species available to aquarists. Adolf s catfish additional scientific names corydoras adolfi. Adolfo s catfish it will grow up to around 2 2 inches in the aquarium and live for up to five years but note that corydoras can be long lived reaching ages of in excess of twenty years.

It is rare in the aquarium hobby but is in. Greek kory helmet greek. Itis col worms cloffa actinopterygii ray finned fishes siluriformes catfish callichthyidae callichthyid armored catfishes corydoradinae etymology.

Adolfo s cory is an eye catching very uncommon and attractively marked they are ideally suited to smaller softwater tanks. The adolfoi corydoras is a facultative air breather meaning it comes to the surface to breathe during naturally anoxic without oxygen periods that stagnant bodies of water sometimes undergo.

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