Corydoras Elegans Nanus

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Look up corydoras ln5 nanus on fishbase. This video is a short presentation about corydoras fish.

Tips And Active Forums On Raising Mini Cory S Corydoras Nanus

Like most corys they are peaceful hardy and best kept in groups due to their schooling nature.

Corydoras elegans nanus. 2006 sep 02 05 53 has this page been useful. Corydoras pestai holly 1940. Get or print a qr code for this species profile or try our lfs label creator.

2020 mar 25 01 50 species record created. Rio a river in suriname and is considered to be the true c. Compagno tranquillo e discreto si fa particolarmente apprezzare per il suo modo insolito di nuotare.

Corydoras elegans steindachner 1876 elegant cory synonymstop. The problem stemmed from the first description which did not mention any characteristics. 2019 oct 17 11 51 species record created.

Elegans nanus cory c. 2001 apr 30 00 00. More on corydoras ln5 elegans.

The nanus is gold with a series of black stripes running horizontally from the back of the head to the tail. Get or print a qr code for this species profile or try our lfs label creator. The nanus cory cat sometimes referred to as the mini cory comes from the tributaries of larger river systems in central and south america and is a peaceful bottom dwelling scavenger.

Please donate to our monthly hosting costs and keep us free for everyone to enjoy. In this section i will show the species that would in all probability be placed in this group if science decides to make a review of them there is every likelihood that if this work is undertaken the genus name of gastrodermus cope 1878 would be. Nanus and the so called cw044.

Corydoras nanus nijssen isbrücker. From the ancient greek κόρυς korus meaning helmet and δορά dora meaning skin hide of an animal in allusion to the rows of bony plates on the flanks of genus members. This species is one of several very similar looking corydoras often found in mixed schools in the wild including the elegans cory c.

Dalle dimensioni ridotte il corydoras nanus è il perfetto corydoras da allevare anche in vasche non molto grandi. The elegans grouplike the aeneus group the species belonging to the so called elegans group is becoming more and more difficult to define. Tra le specie più commercializzate la meno conosciuta.

The nanus cory cat requir. A corydoras nanus neve elterjedt az akvarisztikában idehaza is viszonylag ismert páncélosharcsának számít holott valójában az igazi c. Non è strano vedere questi bellissimi corydoras rimanere sospesi a pochi centimetri dal fondo scattando per spostarsi.

Sok esetben félreazonosított rokon fajokról c. From the latin elegans meaning fine elegant handsome. Elegans c126 esetleg hibridekről van csupán szó.

One of the species in the so called elegans group and it can be difficult at times to be able to identify to species. Corydoras nanus known as little corydoras is one of the most active corydoras catfish and is perfect for keeping in a community tank. Look up corydoras ln5 elegans on fishbase.

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