Corydoras Napoensis

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Corydoras napoensis napo cory classification. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species.

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Rio napo cory napo pansermalle.

Corydoras napoensis. I have seen lots of napoensis here at various points. Written by mike wheeler. If it comes in someone will breed it.

N old favourite in the hobby for many years for our cory buffs is our factsheet of the month for march 2015 c. Corydoras napoensis border on periodically common in montreal. I think sometimes it has to do with which exporters are connected with which local importers.

Napoensis usually have a black blotch to the dorsal fin and the females do not as they sport a more or less. Nanus and also c. It s native to the rio napo and rio aguarico in peru the rio amazonas and rio atacuari in colombia and the rio nanay in peru.

I like the fish it s a nice little cory. It is quite similar to c. Corydoras ln5 napoensis nijssen isbrücker 1986.

We combine the shipping cost if you order more goods from us. Notes edit edit source these fish are incredibly docile very peaceful and are a wonderfully easy fish to own. Napp oh enn siss.

Offering corydoras napoensis napo cory the image used above is for illustration purposes only. Napo corydoras corydoras napoensis. Corydoras identification has never been my strong suit.

Expected life span is 5 years. Bilineatus cw029 and c. Corydoras napoensis will lay their eggs on the tank glass or on the leaves of fine leaved plants.

Corydoras is a genus of freshwater catfish the name being derived from the greek words kory meaning helmet and doras meaning skin. Lagartococha northern tributary of río aguarico between 0 39 s 75 16 w and 0 28 s 75 21 w napo ecuador elevation 200 220 meters. Breeding corydoras napoensis nijssen isbrücker 1986 by don kinyon.

There are probably more than 160 distinct species of corydoras from which the aquarist may. There are several corys that are similar in appearance to c. Corydoras napoensis is a very attractive fish that certainly deserves the best of care.

From the rio nanay near iquitos peru comes this nicely patterned catfish. Corydoras napoensis nijssen isbrücker 1986. This is the cause of much confusion on my part and on the part of those that sometimes take what i say for more than an educated guess.

Breeding corydoras napoensis. Nijssen and isbrucker first described it in 1986. The eggs should hatch after 4 5 days once the fry are free swimming they can be fed on newly hatched brine shrimp or rotifers.

I can t really say there is anything special to. There are also populations in ecuador in tributaries of the rivers aquarico and napo from which the name is taken. Small tributaries creeks areas of flooded forest and sand banks.

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