Corydoras Nattereri

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A few handfuls of dried leaves again beech can be used or oak. If you would like to contribute to the monthly factsheets with an article information or photos please e mail me.

Corydoras Nattereri 1 Jpg 35kb Beautiful Fish Tropical Fish

Initially i housed them in an 18x12x12 tank with a sand substrate and java fern plants.

Corydoras nattereri. Sexing edit edit source usually when properly conditioned the difference between the male and female corydora becomes quite evident. Nattereri will thrive in a tank set up to replicate an amazon biotope this would be very simple to arrange. Corydoras nattereri pair male to front.

The fish has clear fins with no pattern. Blue corydoras corydoras nattereri. Corydoras juquiaae corydoras nattereri triseriatus corydoras triseriatus.

There are probably more than 160 distinct species of corydoras from which the aquarist may. Corydoras is a genus of freshwater catfish the name being derived from the greek words kory meaning helmet and doras meaning skin. You will of course be credited for your work.

Females have a. The blue corydoras or natterer s catfish corydoras nattereri is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the subfamily corydoradinae of the family callichthyidae it originates in coastal rivers in south america and is found in the brazil from espírito santo to paraná it is named for johann natterer its discoverer. Origin edit edit source south america.

Coastal rivers in southeastern brazil from espírito santo to paraná. Use a substrate of river sand and add a few driftwood branches if you can t find driftwood of the desired shape common beech is safe to use if thoroughly dried and stripped of bark and twisted roots. Light grey to gold body with blue green stripe down side.

This species prefers water to be colder than is normal for corydoras and i would recommend 72f 22c. If you would like to donate any denomination of monies to the site just click the above link button. Written by mike wheeler.

Blue Corydora Corydoras Nattereri By Cinthia Emerich Cory

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Corydoras Nattereri

Corydoras Nattereri 1 Jpg 35kb Beautiful Fish Tropical Fish

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