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Best kept in groups the larger the better. To 12 degrees dgh temperature.

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5 years minimum tank size.

Corydoras nz. Create your own quotes and invoices order online view pricing information as well as your corys invoices and statements. Cory was too nervous to pay for my drink or ice cream but eventually managed to pay for my hot chocolate. Corys advantage is a free web based job management programme which helps you run your business.

After she met cory she gave him her approval to date me. The albino corydoras requires a well planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places that provide relief from the. Corydoras paleatus also known as.

Breeding of the julii cory is typical of other cory species. There are currently over 180 described species of corydoras commonly shortened to cory making it one of the most speciose of all south american fish genera there are also loads of undescribed species many of which have been assigned a c number for identification purposes this is a very simple system of numbering and is similar to the l number scheme used to. Most aquarium foods will eat from bottom of aquarium.

Being spined by one of them will probably be painful but not fatal unless complications set in. Males 2 5 inches 6 5 cm females 3 inches 7 5 cm lifespan. They are hardy little fish that are quite adaptable to varying water conditions.

Blue leopard corydoras peppered catfish peppered cory adult size. Rivera s body was found in lake piru in california six days after she went missing while boating. Cory monteith s mum has posted an emotional tribute to glee star naya rivera who died last week.

Albino corydoras are great fish for the beginning fish keeper. 21 27 c max size. Bronze corydoras corydoras aeneus are very similar to most other corys in all of these respects.

Corys electrical is an online and nationwide supplier of electrical products and services delivering outstanding service in 48 branches across both the north and south islands of new zealand. Peaceful bottom dweller suitable for community aquariums. Breeding the julii corydoras.

Our first meeting came in mission bay auckland. As a scaleless fish corydoras are particularly sensitive to medications and treatments. Cory plays for the new zealand hockey team and my best friend kyra was going with his teammate and her now husband devon.

Log in to reply to the answers post. A breeding tank is recommended as the parents will happily consume their eggs and fry so it is necessary to separate the parents from the eggs after spawning has taken place. Peaceful best kept in schools with other smaller fish.

Popular catfish with unusual spotty appearance. 72 78 degrees f 22 26 degrees c tankmates.

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