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In this study the transcriptomic profiles of the head kidney from topmouth culter with or without fc infection were obtained. Two reciprocal cross hybrids following hybridization of megalobrama amblycephala blunt snout bream bsb and culter alburnus topmouth culter tc were used as a model to investigate maternal effects.

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Geographic distribution and habitat.

Culter alburnus. The topmouth culter culter alburnus basilewsky 1855 is a freshwater carnivorous fish of high nutritional value and widely distributed in lakes and reservoirs of china. Arrainen barruko actinopterygii klasean sailkatzen da cyprinidae familian. 2n 2x 48 members of the family cyprinidae are economically important freshwater fish chen 1998.

By comparing the expression of bsb and tc homoeologous genes between the two reciprocal cross hybrids we identified 49 348 differentially. Flavobacterium columnare fc has caused worldwide fish columnaris disease with high mortality and great economic losses in cultured fish including topmouth culter culter alburnus however the knowledge about the host factors involved in fc infection is little known. Culter alburnus is a predatory species of the mid and upper water zones of lentic waters chen 2009.

Milieu climate zone depth range distribution range ecology. Using the newly sequenced genomes of the blunt snout bream megalobrama amblycephala bsb and the topmouth culter culter alburnus tc we focused on the sequence variation and gene expression. Culter alburnus occurs in asia in lake buir the onon and kherlen drainages in mongolia as well as the amur and red river drainages in russia and china it has also been recorded from taiwan and hainan it can be found in rivers and floodplain lakes which have dense growth of macrophytes.

Alburnus were collected from five lakes. Alburnus includes early developmental stages of aquatic invertebrates when it is younger and has a smaller body size and then it begins to prey mainly on fish after its. Culter alburnus basilewsky 1855.

The diet of cul. Culter alburnus is a species of ray finned fish in the genus culter. Culter is closely related to chanodichthys and some species have been moved between these genera.

Culter is a genus of cyprinid fish consisting of four species found in freshwater of eastern asia siberia to vietnam the name is derived from the latin word culter meaning knife. Culter alburnus basilewsky 1855. Culter alburnus culter generoko animalia da.

2n 2x 48 and culter alburnus topmouth culter tc. Upload your photos and videos pictures. 2008 the bsb and the tc have distinct feeding habits the bsb is herbivorous whereas the tc is carnivorous and shapes the bsb has a higher dorsal fin and a shorter body.

Culter flavipinnis tirant 1883. Carps cyprinidae minnows or carps cultrinae etymology. Latin culter knife ref.

Culter oxycephaloides kreyenberg. Megalobrama amblycephala blunt snout bream bsb. In order to evaluate the fatty acid profiles in relation to habitat characteristics and to elucidate the main composition predictors c.

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