Demasoni Cichlid Tankmates

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Tankmates if you re keeping any other species with them it is important to ensure that they don t have stripes or color like the demasoni. The demasoni cichlid is a highly aggressive fish.

Demasoni Cichlid Demasoni Cichlid Cichlids Cichlid Fish

Avoid large aggressive species including most melanochromis labeotropheus and a few metriaclima like crabro and lombardoi.

Demasoni cichlid tankmates. There are thousands of species of african cichlids and they are all territorial. The pseudotropheus demasoni cichlid originates from lake malawi in africa at a place called pombo rocks. Appropriate tankmates are mbuna s with a different coloration and no bars like labidochromis caeruleus sp.

Demasoni cichlid tank mates. They should never be kept with dogtooth cichlid or the kenyi cichlid. I like the look of demasoni but was wondering how many to get and what i can put with them.

They will try to attack any fish that has a similar color and pattern. Mike fishlore admin social media. Demasoni tankmates and tank limits.

Original description as pseudotropheus demasoni. African cichlids are colorful hardy and very aggressive freshwater fish. By choosing potential tankmates carefully the.

Pseudotropheus demasoni is a challenge for every cichlid lover but the difficulty in separating the males from the females and the extreme aggression between them and other species could easily end in a. A sexually monomorphic cichlid from the tanzanian coast of lake malawi. This dwarf mbuna cichlid is not all that common in the hobby and they can fetch a hefty price tag for freshwater fish.

It should not be kept with other species of fish. Tue apr 27 2010 10 47 pm. That aggression is the most problematic issue regarding cichlids compatibility with other fish.

It can only be kept with other demasoni cichlids. I have a tank that i just finished putting a background in but found out most of the cichlids that were given to me are hybrids so i am looking into getting some new more colorful fish. Mbuna tank mates should be fairly mild mannered of some of the smaller species and different in pattern to the dark blue vertical stripes of demasoni.

The tanks where multiple cichlids reside need to have various rock formations. Demasoni cichlid dwarf mbuna. It is not grouped in the category of community fish for this reason.

Demasoni tank mates 7 9 2011 8 22 pm i have my demasoni with yellow labs red zebra and acei they do great together. Also i have heard people keeping them in groups of 6 or 7 but i kept mine with 12 14 with two males rest females breed like crazy. Updated august 6 2019 author.

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