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High quality flake generally peaceful conspecific aggressive the pseudotropheus demasoni is an beautiful african cichlid from lake malawi and is a fairly recent addition to the aquarium hobby. Pseudotropheus demasoni place of origin.

The Pseudotropheus Demasoni Or Demasoni Cichlid From Lake Malawi

Since there isn t much difference between the males and the females differentiation or gender identification becomes very difficult.

Demasoni. Updated august 6 2019 author. This dwarf mbuna cichlid is not all that common in the hobby and they can fetch a hefty price tag for freshwater fish. Demasoni cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni also known as dwarf mbuna was first discovered in 1994 by ad konings.

Lake malawi adult size. Demasoni cichlids are omnivores so their diet regimen should consist of meats and vegetables. Demasoni cichlid dwarf mbuna.

Aggressive especially towards other males of the same species. Pseudotropheus demasoni is a species of cichlid endemic to lake malawi where it is only known from the pombo rocks in tanzanian waters. Pseudotropheus demasoni demason s cichlid unsexed small 1 5 2 5 farm raisedmax adult fish size.

It comes from lake malawi and is a more recent addition to the aquarium hobby. It is an african cichlid and was named after ad konings friend laifdemason. Mike fishlore admin social media.

The color of both sexes is dark blue with black vertical stripes with alternating lighter stripes of light blue to white. These fish may be small but make up for it with their striking coloring and what one could call spunk. It occurs around pombo rocks off the tanzanian coast.

Endemic to lake malawi. Demsoni cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni is a species that is found only in lake malawi of africa these fish have unique alternating dark almost black and light blue sometimes white stripes on their bodies. It inhabits only one rocky area often in shallow water around the tops of the rocks.

It is rarely seen in open water. It was first described and brought into the hobby in 1994 by ad konings and was named after his good friend laif demason. It was first described and brought.

The pseudotropheus demasoni cichlid originates from lake malawi in africa at a place called pombo rocks. The demanson s cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni is an extremely sharp looking african cichlid. 2 3 temperament.

Pombo rocks lake malawi tanzaniafeeding. This species is a relatively new addition to aquariums being introduced in 1994. This species can potentially reach a maximum length of 10 centimetres 3 9 in sl it is now commonly found in the aquarium trade.

It is also referred by other names such as midnight demasoni and the dwarf mbuna. They should be fed twice per day for a total of 14 feedings per week. For a majority of the feedings they should be fed a staple food consisting of either flakes or pellets.

Its scientific name is pseudotropheus demasoni.

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