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Crossocheilus denisonii day 1865. The denison barb denison s barb miss kerala red line torpedo barb or roseline shark sahyadria denisonii is an endangered species of cyprinid fish endemic to the fast flowing hill streams and rivers of the western ghats in india.

Redline Torpedo Barb Puntius Denisonii Small

Named after sahyadri noun a vernacular name for the western ghats mountain ranges.

Denisonii. Recreating the water conditions that are favorable for this fish is not difficult but be advised that a large tank is a must. Pet collection caused it to become endangered and is its single major threat. Matt clarke explains how to keep it.

This article contains detailed information on care feeding the breeding of this beautiful fish. It was very abundant and considered among the most beautiful plants in the nilgiri hills. This india born fish has become rather renowned species due to its appealing look and interesting behavior.

Barbus denisonii day 1865. This barb is an example of what can happen to a species that is wild caught and suddenly becomes in high demand. Sahyadria denisonii day 1865 red line torpedo barb synonymstop.

Puntius denisonii day 1865. Denison barb sahyadria denisonii ex. After being named as one of the top new fish species by aquarama the international ornamental fish exhibition this.

It is commonly seen in the aquarium trade. Impatiens denisonii is a scapigerous herb species of the family balsaminaceae which is found only in the western ghats in south india it is among the rarest of the eighteen impatiens species which are endemic to the nilgiri hills. Nama ilmiah dari spesies ini pertama kali diterbitkan oleh bedd.

In the wild denisons can be found in highly oxygenated water that s heavily vegetated and rocky. The fish has become a subject of aquarists focus quite recently. Named for sir william thomas denison 1804 1871 governor of madras india from.

Puntius formerly barbus denisonii. Permisi agan sista pecinta freshwater fish. Denison barb water requirements.

Puntius barbus denisonii has become incredibly popular during the past year. Labeo denisonii day 1865. 1 ane ga tau kenapa karena tiba2 berenangnya sempoyongan bahkan kadang kebalik waktu itu.

Puntius denisonii is one of the fishes that are getting popular with surprisingly high rate. Learn about the denison barb puntius denisonii. Prior scientific names include barbus denisonii barbus denisonii crossocheilus denisonii and labeo denisonii.

Yang ke 2 kayanya mati karena di bully sama puntiu. Impatiens denisonii adalah spesies tumbuhan yang tergolong ke dalam famili balsaminaceae spesies ini juga merupakan bagian dari ordo ericales spesies impatiens denisonii sendiri merupakan bagian dari genus impatiens. Ane fall in love at the first sight sama puntius denisonii matabelo ane coba piara 5 ekor dulu karena baru kali ini piara puntius di akuarium dengan pasir malang hitam sedikit tanaman batu2.

Denison barb red lined torpedo barb denison s flying fox rose line shark miss kerala red line torpedo barb chorai kanni denisoni barb bleeding eye barb indian flasher barb scientific name.

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