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Of course they are believed to grow a lot larger. Mongolian taimen do not run out to the ocean or even lakes.

The Mighty Taimen Mega Fish Of The Mongolian Rivers Fish

Perhaps the world s greatest fly fishing adventure.

Fisch mongolei taimen. At the time of writing the igfa world record fish weighed 92 5lbs 41 95kg and measured 156cm long. Taimen grow to immense sizes and hammer flies with a predatory aggression unlike any other freshwater fish. Discover it while wading into pristine mountain rivers surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

By gregory sousa on april 25 2017 in environment. The background for these facts is here. Hucho taimen also known as the siberian or mongolian taimen is the largest member of the salmonid family which includes trout and salmon it can grow six feet long even bigger than the north.

The country of mongolia is located in east asia and is bordered by both china and russia. The taimen hucho taimen also known as siberian taimen siberian giant trout and siberian salmon is a species of fish in the salmon family family salmonidae of order salmoniformes these fish are found in rivers in russia and adjacent regions and are harvested throughout the year. Mongolia river outfitters and fish mongolia.

We run mongolia s only drift boat operations. It is claimed that one fish was caught in the kotui river in russia in 1943 which measured over 2 metres in length and weighed 231lbs. Traveling anglers return year after year to mongolia s remote streams to experience the challenge and joy of taimen fishing.

These behemoths spend their entire life cycle in relatively small rivers. Mongolian taimen will change the way you fish on the fly. Jensen o 2013.

Mongolian taimen will change the way you fish on the fly. Provides guided fly fishing trips for taimen in mongolia. Native fish species of mongolia.

Siberian white fish siberian grayling lenok umber baikal omul and river perch are among the other varieties you will catch among the spectacular scenery of mongolia s exotic nature. The brown trout is a species of fish that can be found in mongolia. Mai 2010 taimen fishing angeln in russland abgerufen am 24.

Taimen will migrate great distances to access spawning feeding and winter habitats. The taimen a native fish of mongolia is one of the largest species in the falmon family on earth. The average taimen is around 33 inches and weighs roughly 10 pounds however there will be multiple chances every day to try catching fish over 50 inches.

An adult taimen may use 60 miles 100km of river each year making conservation of vast stretches of water vitally important. Mai 2010 hucho taimen in der roten liste gefährdeter arten der iucn 2013 1.

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