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Sable and pied dominant. Psittacus forli show 2014 bird owned by fabio baesi photo courtesy fabio baesi.

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Agapornis fischeri agapornis fischeri commonly known as fischer s lovebird is a small parrot originating from a small region in east central africa it is known for being a very sociable bird that forms close ties to its owner.

Fischeri lutino. Sebab euwing merupakan singkatan dari eumelamin dan wing yang artinya sayap. Pada bagian kepala dihiasi oleh bulu berwarna orange kemerahan yang sangat cantik. Lutino and albino mutations of fischer s lovebirds.

Agapornis personata fischeri there are a wide variety of attractive color mutations of the fischer s lovebird which include the dilute blue dilute yellow pied black or dark eyed white albino lutino and cinnamon. Fischeri in your home it is useful to know as much as possible about this bird. It is like all other species of its kind extremely protective of their mate and has been known to be monogamous for.

Galeri 36 lovebird warna ngetrend pertengahan 2012. Albino lutino fischer s lovebird duration. Jenis pertama yang akan dibahas yaitu lovebird lutino.

Fischer s lovebird are native to a small area of east central africa south and southeast of lake victoria in northern tanzania in drought years some birds move west into rwanda and burundi seeking moister conditions. Mengapa dinamakan lovebird euwing. If you are planning to keep a.

The fischer s lovebird is native to eastern africa north of tanzania and south and southeast of lake victoria. These birds also come in a variety of colors from the wild type green to the dramatic lutino and captivating albino. Lutino personata love birds of syed ovais bilgrami duration.

They live at elevations of 1 100 2 200m 3 600 7 200 ft in small flocks. Fischer s lovebirds are a completely different species from peachfaces. Dia berhasil mencetak lovebird euwing dengan mengawinkan indukan lovebird lutino fischeri dan lovebird hijau standar atau lovebird josan.

Oh ya jangan lupa cek yang ini juga loh ya. Syed ovais bilgrami 294 224 views. Sementara dari leher hingga keseluruhan badannya berwarna kuning terang dengan sedikit sentuhan putih dibagian sayap.

Lovebird lutino sendiri tentu berbeda tampilan antara burung lovebird dari kelompok agapornis fischeri dan agapornis lilianae. One of the most easily available of the lovebird species the fischer s lovebird has been revered as a pet ever since it was bred in the us for the first time in 1926. Roseicollis whitefaced medium aqua.

They live in isolated clumps of trees with grass plains between them. Jenis yang satu ini memiliki warna yang sangat cerah dan mencolok. Jadi sebenarnya keunikan lovebird euwing terletak pada warna sayapnya yang bercorak hitam dan.


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