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It is designed to measure and analyse precious metal s and their alloys in composition and coating thickness. The fischerscope x ray xul series is truly fundamental equipment for every electroplating shop.

Micro X Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Ems Anbieter

The fischerscope x ray xan 120 is an optimized x ray fluorescence measuring instrument for non destructive analysis of jewelry coins and precious metals.

Fischerscope x ray. A gap in the housing allows for measurements on large flat specimens. This device is used for material analyses. The xdl and xdlm devices measure from top to bottom.

Robust and perfectly suited for measuring galvanic coatings on mass produced parts. The fischerscope x ray xdal 237 is designed as user friendly bench top instru ment. Since 1983 our x ray instruments have been an integral part of quality testing in almost all major industries.

However the main reason why aqc purchased it is to be able to check coating thickness. The fischerscope x ray xan 500 is the most versatile x ray fl uorescence system available in the market. In addition the xan 500 can do more than just measure on large parts.

The aqc laboratory has been expanded with an x ray from fisher type xdlm 232. Gold coatings about 2. It is equipped with a high precision programmable xy stage and an electrically driven z axis.

The fischerscope x ray 5000 system continuously measures the layer thickness of thin layers on large area substrates for example in photovoltaics. But there is a significant difference. Our instruments are well known for their precision accuracy and durability.

Fischer winftm basic pdm super sample stage xul 210 xul 220 xulm 240 design fixed sample support manually operable xy stage. The devices in this series form modular units that are easy to install in production lines. All the main components such as the detector x ray tubes and filter combinations are identical.

The x ray 5000 can be operated either in normal atmosphere or under vacuum. The high end all rounder. These straightforward and affordable energy dispersive x ray fluorescence analyzers are excellent for monitoring the bath composition but they re also indispensable helpers when it comes to quality control.

The xdv sdd is one of the most powerful x ray fluorescence analyzers in the fischer portfolio. This xrf spectrometer is equipped with a particularly sensitive silicon drift detector sdd. This allows you to measure even the thinnest layers non destructively e g.

Up to 24 elements in the range of chlorine 17 to uranium 92. Fischer winftm light optional. The fischerscope x ray xdl and xdlm spectrometers are closely related to the xul series.

A fischerscope x ray is the ideal choice for non destructive contact free coating thickness measurement and material analysis. As a handheld device it is perfect for inspecting coatings on bulky parts like airplane parts pipes or turbine blades in a running production line. You want to be able to carry out additional checks on certain specific customer requirements.

Cashpay Juwelier Edelmetallanalyse Mit Dem Fischerscope X Ray

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Fischerscope X Ray Xdal

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Fischerscope X Ray

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Fischerscope X Ray Xdal

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Fischerscope X Ray Xdlm Test Equipment Online Shop

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Fischerscope X Ray Xan Helmut Fischer Gmbh Co Kg Evisa S

Fischerscope X Ray Xul Series Test Equipment Online Shop

Controlled Plating Technologies Inc Quality Control

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