Fish With Big Fin On Back

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Fish may have up to three distinct dorsal fins known as proximal middle and distal dorsal fins however several fish have just two dorsal fins with the middle and distal fins fused together. Anal fin begins far forward at about 30 of standard length with 166 196 soft rays.

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They are silver with a greenish gray or bluish gray back.

Fish with big fin on back. Dorsal fins are located on the back or on the top of the fish and aid the fish in sharp turns or stops and assist the fish in rolling. The tarpon is a long fish with a single dorsal fin with a long trailing filament. Usually if you treat fin rot before it completely eats away at the tail or fin the fin will grow back normally.

The average size of these fish is 35 to 90 pounds. Most fish and grow their extremities back quickly and completely if they re in a clean fish tank. Some sources indicate that feeding foods with b vitamins like daphnia may improve fin regeneration.

At first sight the piece looks like a vial but the curvature of the body and a fastening trail on the concave rear point to another destination. This fish is blown free of decolored glass. However if you let fin rot go on too long and it does progress quickly more serious infections can set in and kill the fish.

Dorsal fin starts at nape and comprises 79 90 isolated low spines followed by 130 157 soft rays. If your betta lives in heated filtered water the fish will likely heal quickly. The animal swims to the right in an energetic movement.

Dorsal and anal fins confluent with much reduced caudal fin and with growth of fish fleshy extension of tail which becomes relatively longer and almost filamentous. However fin damage that has a fuzzy or slimy looking coating or a ragged margin rather than a clean split is indicative of fin rot and need to treat it. They have a large mouth with a protuding lower jar large scales and a deeply forked tail.

The tail and dorsal fin are strongly modeled.

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