Freshwater Aquarium Fish With Whiskers

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Most common variety is the blue paradise. They are related to the carp characins and minnows.

Dwarf Petricola Catfish Aquarium Fish Aquarium Catfish

To almost 2 meters from the surface.

Freshwater aquarium fish with whiskers. Before we discuss our favorite freshwater sharks it is important to make one thing clear. Freshwater sharks are not actual sharks. Does not compete well with larger fish.

The dorsal fin is quite large like other freshwater aquarium sharks. Most people use common names when talking about aquarium fish. 3 8 cm 1 5 in often confused with the croaking gourami.

Catfishes live in freshwater on all the major continents and a few types live in oceans. The fish are built for swimming. Unlike most other freshwater aquarium catfish otos will get lonely if they are not kept in schools of at least three preferably 6 or more.

The snout of the fish is pointed and has some short whiskers. There are about 2 500 species of catfish. Freshwater aquarium sharks are not actual sharks.

Large small peaceful easy and hard to keep tropical freshwater fishes. Otocinclus catfish are far smaller than plecostomus ranging from 2 to 5 inches with most staying around the 3 inch mark and are a social fish. Since it is not an entirely freshwater fish juveniles will have to be gradually acclimated in entirely saltwater aquariums as they grow.

The fish thrives in water that has been added aquarium salt. When searching for information it is preferable to use the scientific name which is normally in latin. They re sporting a torpedo shaped body that s usually olive green in color.

Unfortunately common names can refer to more than one fish. Due to their care requirements and price we can only really recommend these for the most experienced aquarists. Can live without aeration.

A dark horizontal line runs the length of the fish as well. 129 most popular aquarium fishes. Sharks are elasmobranch fish that belong to the superorder selachimorpha sharks are primarily marine animals there are only five known freshwater species that are extremely difficult to keep in captivity.

Juveniles will have stunning colors which fade as they mature. One of the few freshwater aquarium fish that survive in cold water. How to keep breed choose tankmates.

A catfish has smooth skin and a short pair of barbels that help the fish to taste and to feel. It has long whiskers and a high dorsal fin with an elongated silvery body. Hunts and eats small shrimp.

Arowana double up as probably one of the biggest freshwater fish you can find as well as the most expensive freshwater fish the asian variety anyhow. Pygmy gourami sparkling gourami.

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