Giant Gourami Aquarium

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This will give them enough space to swim around comfortably. Giant gourami is an egg laying fish.

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The giant gourami osphronemus goramy is a stunning fish when it gets large.

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The giant gourami is beyond the scope of most hobby aquarists since it grows really large and will require a huge aquarium to thrive. Giant gourami osphronemus goramy these giant fish can grow up to 28 inches in length and can live for over 20 years in captivity. Some people keep this fish in aquariums but they also use the fish for food.

Updated ju y 1 2019 author. The fish guards its eggs and juveniles for some time after the spawning is over. It can also be found in the aquarium trade.

Before spawning the male builds a nest from bubbles water plants and plant rubbish. Giant gourami where other members of this family have bright scales this fish s notoriety arises from its large size. The giant gourami osphronemus goramy is a species of large gourami native to freshwater habitats in southeast asia with its occurrence in other locations due to introductions this species is commercially important as a food fish and is also farmed.

The larvae hatches in 24 hours. Aquariums elsternwick had a giant gourami for some 33 years as a display fish and the current owner might be the best source to ask about keeping them. You re looking at a tank in the several hundreds of gallons at minimum to keep.

Do not purchase a young giant gourami unless you are prepared to take care for it when it grows large and needs plenty of food and a bigger aquarium. The giant gourami osphronemus goramy is not really recommended for most hobbyists since the majority of home hobbyists don t have aquariums large enough to keep these giant gouramis. I dont know if two adults would fit comfortably into a single tank.

They need a tank which is at least 300 gallons. In their natural environment natives have reported lengths of almost 2 feet 60 cm. Aquarium goldfish giant gourami fish after 2 months hồ cá nam dương phát tài sau 2 tháng cảm ơn bạn đã xem video của tôi.

However not many people can keep them due to the size of the tank they require. It has even been suggested by vierke 1978 that it can get as large as 2 1 3 feet 70 cm. The species has been used for weed control also on highly invasive aquatic plants like salvinia.

In some areas people also use this fish to control invasive populations of aquatic plants. The eggs are kept inside the nest attached to water plants in it.

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