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Gymnogeophagus balzanii biotope. I ordered a dozen gymnogeophagus balzanii that will spend the summer in a 300 gallon stock tank outside. Beyond the fish species displayed there are some that are now known to be extinct in this biotope and others that are invasive negatively affecting the whole balance of the region some species of animals in danger in the wetlands of the paraná delta. The aquatic fauna of the paraná river is very wide in its coasts we find cichlids like geophagus sveni gymnogeophagus balzanii bujurquina vittata also varieties of tetras such as hyphessobrycon eques moenkhausia dichroura.

5 inches 12 cm place of origin. Gymnogeophagus are often seen as tropical fish in the cichlid section throughout most of the areas they are offered in the aquarium hobby. One response to gymnogeophagus balzanii paraguay eartheater.

2010 dfs sayds 2010 taller ecologista 2010 guzmán. Does anyone know of any smaller species i e. List of fishes and invertebrates occurring in the nature biotope.

Labiatus can be kept in a 55 gallon or smaller is small groups or harems. Gymnogeophagus balzanii average adult fish size. 2002 iucn 2007 cappato yanoski 2009 bó et al.

Geophagus balzanii common name. Territorial males can be very intolerant with other cichlids and can be very. Paraguay argentina brazil uruguay size.

Inhabits in swamps or slow moving rivers near the main river channels. America typical tank setup. Crenicichla lepidota crenicichla vittata crenicichla taikyra crenicichla semifasciata cichlasoma dimerus bujurquina vittata gymnogeophagus balzanii geophagus sveni introduced apistogramma commbrae corydoras hastatus corydoras polystictus hypostomus ternetzi.

Brazil paraguay argentina and uruguay balitoridae loaches community the geophagus balzanii or as it is also known as the argentine humphead originates from the paraná river basin area of the paraguay drainage area of brazil and paraguay. Paraguay eartheater scientific name. Gymnogeophagus balzanii moderate peaceful 8 30 gallons 62 82 f kh 5 19 ph 6 0 7 8 omnivore south america.

Bottom fishes are ancistrus sp. The paraná drainage in argentina and. Substrate should be fine to medium grade as they like to sift through it.

American biotope with open space some rock work driftwood bogwood and live plants. These cichlids are colorful and not particularly large. I want to make an accurate biotope setup with the balzanii as the center pieces.

Paraná corydoras paleatus and corydoras polystictus. A biotope setup would consist very simply of a sandy substrate perhaps with some driftwood branches and twisted roots added for effect. Aquatic plants are not a feature of the species natural habitat.

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