Leuciscus Aspius

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9696 one of the rare cyprinids which is piscivore. Asp regularly occur in a tributary the vltava river where twenty five individuals were captured radio tagged and tracked for five consecutive years.

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Leuciscus aspius linnaeus 1758 asp leuciscus baicalensis dybowski 1874 leuciscus bearnensis blanchard 1866 bearn beaked dace leuciscus bergi kashkarov 1925.

Leuciscus aspius. Occur in open water of large and medium sized lowland rivers and large lakes ref. It is native to the tigris euphrates basin in iran iraq syria and turkey. Also prey on small aquatic birds.

59043 adults inhabit lower reaches of rivers and estuaries ref. It is protected under appendix iii of the bern convention and listed as least concern on the iucn red list. The asp leuciscus aspius is a european freshwater fish of the cyprinid family.

Aspius is potamodromous and found throughout fresh and brackish waters. 30578 prefer to stay near bridge pillars near tributaries under weirs in deep currents and overgrown parts of river and in quiet bays of river bends ref. Asp aspius aspius l observations and remarks.

Leuciscus aspius name synonyms alburnus iblioides kessler 1872 aspius aspius linnaeus 1758 aspius aspius aspius aspius aspius iblioides kessler 1872 aspius aspius taeniatus eichwald 1831 aspius erytrostomus kessler 1877 aspius linnei malm 1877 aspius rapax agassiz 1835 aspius rapax jaxartensis kessler 1874. Aspius is sometimes considered a genus of eurasian cyprinid fish with two recognized species. The present study focused on asp leuciscus aspius an artificially introduced piscivorous cyprinid that became established in the lipno reservoir czech republic.

Asp leuciscus aspius is a cyprinid fish found throughout much of europe and western asia. Bolen dravý leuciscus aspius je jediným zástupcem dravých kaprovitých ryb v česku jedná se o dravce u kterého je zákonem stanovena nejmenší lovná míra. Leuciscus vorax sometimes known as the tigris asp or mesopotamian asp is a freshwater fish of the cyprinid family.

Leuciscus burdigalensis valenciennes 1844. Aspius vorax heckel 1843. This species has been introduced to belgium china cyprus france italy netherlands and switzerland for sport.

Rearing hatch of asp aspius aspius l and ide leuciscus idus l under controlled conditions on natural food and granulated. It is sometimes considered one of two members of the genus aspius by some taxonomic authorities. Leuciscus chuanchicus kessler 1876 leuciscus danilewskii kessler 1877 danilevskii s dace leuciscus dzungaricus paepke f.

Je to velmi aktivní a plachý druh. Normally asps are between 10 and 80 cm in length with some reaching 120 cm and weighing up to 12 kg. Biological foundations of rearing rheophilic cyprinid fish under controlled conditions 5 16 17.

Both species are now usually included in the genus leuciscus they live in depths of water at a minimum of 10 m 33 ft at 4 to 20 c 39 to 68 f.

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