Licorice Gourami Parosphromenus Deissneri

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The deissner s licorice gourami is a graceful colorful nano fish that thrives in a heavily planted aquarium. Osphromenus deissneri physical description.

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Here the water is acidic has negligible hardness and is tannin stained from decaying plant matter.

Licorice gourami parosphromenus deissneri. Licorice gourami is endemic to bangka in indonesia the place it s discovered within the gradual flowing streams with black waters related to peat swamp. Labyrinth fish belontiidae licorice gourami profile. As one of the tiniest of the labyrinth fish this beautifully colored creature needs access of the surface of the aquarium to breathe and survive.

Origin edit edit source the genus parosphromenus is found on several islands in southeastern asia and are always found in extremely acidic peat swamps or the remnants of such swamps. An elongated moderately compressed species with a colorful fan shaped caudal fin the dorsal and anal fins each have long bases. How ever until a few years ago real p deissneri have obvi ously never been traded.

This species was formally described by the dutch ichthyologist pieter bleeker as. Licorice gourami is a small labyrinth fish belonging to osphronemidae family. Linke h 2012 amazonas sep oct 2012.

Licorice gourami deissner s licorice gourami parosphromenus deissneri synonyms. Sexing edit edit source males have longer fins and darker colors than the females. Only recently have there been few imports to europe or amer ica but due to the name con fu sion these fish have soon dis ap peared and were lost in the.

29 34 traveling in licorice gourami biotopes. The licorice gourami parosphromenus deissneri is a species of freshwater ray finned fish from the subfamily macropodusinae part of the family osphronemidae the gouramis it is endemic to bangka in indonesia where it is found in the slow flowing streams with black waters associated with peat swamp forests. The body is dark brown with two yellowish lateral stripes running from the the snout.

It has brilliant blue fins and dark brown and cream. Licorice gourami additional scientific names osphromenus deissneri. Unaf fected by this many of the licorice gouramis are still incor rectly traded as deiss neri.

The aquarium must be biologically mature before this delicate species is added. The licorice gourami fish also known as parosphromenus deissneri is a very shy and peaceful omnivore. Parosphromenus deissneri licorice gourami description.

Zardoya 2006 systematic biology 55 3. It is endemic to the island of bangka in indonesia where it lives in slow flowing black water creeks among the vegetation. The licorice gourami scientific name parosphromenus deissneri is a species of freshwater ray finned fish from the subfamily macropodusinae a part of the family osphronemidae the gouramis.

Parosphromenus bintan a new osphronemid fish from bintan and bangka islands indonesia with redescription of p. Its small size and beautiful coloration makes it unique among all gourami species. The licorice gourami is known from heavily vegetated slow flowing blackwater rainforest streams.

The deissner s licorice gourami parosphromenus deissneri is a brilliantly colored very small labyrinth fish that is native to blackwater swamps and ditches in bangka indonesia.

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