Nannostomus Unifasciatus

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Nannostomus unifasciatus also known as the one lined pencil fish is a species of freshwater fish with adults growing to an average length of 4cm and maximum of 7cm. In spite of the fore going weitzman 1966 decided to place this species in nannostomus noting that future study might justify the two species n.

Hyphessobrycon Griemi

From the latin nannus meaning small and greek stoma meaning mouth in reference to the small mouthparts of member species.

Nannostomus unifasciatus. Nannostomus unifasciatus from the greek. Nannostomus trifasciatus steindachner 1876 three lined pencilfish synonymstop. Milieu climate zone depth range distribution range.

Right below this line is a broad black band that also extends from the snout through the eye and continues to the tip of the lower lobe of the. Latin nannus small greek stoma mouth ref. On the erroneous records of nannostomus nitidus and n.

Additional names one lined pencilfish oneline pencilfish additional scientific names nannobrycon unifasciatus poecilobrycon unifasciatus. Characins lebiasinidae pencilfishes pyrrhulininae etymology. Unifasciatus for the state of maranhão brazil and the distribution of nannostomus beckfordi along the coastal river basins of the state characiformes.

Nannostomus from the greek. Sexing edit edit source the anal fin of the male has red colouration while a female s anal fin will only be white and black. Poeciliobrycon vittatus ahl 1934.

Erick cristofore guimarães 1 2 pâmella silva de brito1 2 felipe polivanov ottoni 1 2. From the latin nannus meaning small and greek stoma meaning mouth in reference to the small. Gery 1977 actually did this but added no new evidence beyond what hoedeman and weitzman had mentioned.

Nannostomus unifasciatus steindachner 1876 one lined pencilfish synonymstop. Poecilobrycon ocellatus eigenmann 1909. Unifasciatus one band commonly known as the one lined pencilfish is a freshwater species of fish belonging to the genus nannostomus in the characin family lebiasinidae they are popular in the aquarium trade due to their small size beautiful color pattern unique.

An elongated fish with a pale to olive brown back a fine iridescent gold colored line extends from the tip of the snout through the eye and to the caudal fin. Nanos small and the latin stomus relating to the mouth. Nanos small and the latin stomus relating to the mouth is a genus of fish belonging to the characin family lebiasinidae all of the species in this genus are known as pencil fish or pencilfish a popular name that was first only applied to two species in the 1920s nannostomus unifasciatus and nannostomus eques but by the late 1950s would come to be applied.

Cyprinodon amazona eigenmann 1894 questionable possibly conspecific with nannostomus marginatus. The one lined pencil fish is the largest species of nannostomus with a long slender body containing 17 33 scales in the lateral series adipose fin small posterior dorsal fin. Nannostomus unifasciatus poecilobrycon unifasciatus.

Poeciliobrycon erythrurus eigenmann 1909. From the latin uni meaning one single and fasciatus meaning banded in reference. Unifasciatus being moved to their own genus.

Nannostomus unifasciatus steindachner 1876 oneline pencilfish upload your photos and videos.

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