Phenacogrammus Caudomaculatus

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This marking is only usually present on male breuseghemi. The majority of these fishes has a very good looking coloring due to some special pigments they have that change their.

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A tank which has tetra fishes in it should be thickly planted.

Phenacogrammus caudomaculatus. Sexing edit edit source a mature female will appear more full in the belly than the male. Many of our customers now ask for safely sexed specimens. Probably it is the most gorgeous fish of the characin family.

You may spot some male fish with an orangey red marking on the dorsal surface of the dorsal fin and the area immediately anterior. Congo tetra phenacogrammus interruptus is a timid but unspeakably beautiful aquarium fish. Start date aug 2 2017.

All we can say to that is. Following eschmeyer 1998 ref. Additional names african moon tetra additional scientific names micralestes caudomaculatus alestopetersius caudomaculatus hemigrammalestes caudomaculatus phenacogrammus caudomaculatus.

A brownish back with bright blue shining spots followed by a bright shining horizontal band that can be orange yellow or even. Phenacogrammus caudomaculatus micralestes caudomaculatus hemigrammalestes caudomaculatus alestopetersius caudomaculatus date tuesday 08 july 2014. Wild populations are endemic to parts of the river congo drainage in the democratic republic of congo.

This congo tetra shows a lot of somewhat unbelievable colours depending on the light and the position of the fish. Experience more than 10 years i think the rare fish bug has bitten me. Phenacogrammus interruptus congo tetra classification.

Of course large dominant males. Bathyaethiops breuseghemi is sometimes mistakenly identified as the african moon tetra b. Most of the fish available in the trade are bred commercially in the far east and eastern europe.

Caudomaculatus by african exporters. Messages 3 297 reaction score 2 754 location elk grove ca. Thread starter 1 d.

Matter this will heal in a few days. 26282 this family includes all african tetras formerly a subfamily of characidae. Kouilou basin republic of the congo ref.

Last week we presented to you our freshly imported golden congo tetras phenacogrammus aurantiacus. The slight fin damages of the fish are as good as cured completely now. 80297 and ogowé basin gabon and republic of the congo also present in the middle and upper congo river basin ref.

Maximum length of about 1 4 m attained by hydrocynus goliath of the congo. The basic colour is as follows.

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