Pseudotropheus Demasoni Juvenile

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Its scientific name is pseudotropheus demasoni. Lake malawi adult size.

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You will receive 1 x juvenile pseudotropheus demasoni.

Pseudotropheus demasoni juvenile. First they stay smaller than most other species only reaching about 10 cm which allows them to be kept in a smaller aquarium. Even adult fish are hard to sex these males are chose from my breeding colony which is constantly updated. It is also referred by other names such as midnight demasoni and the dwarf mbuna.

My listing is for 5 un sexed juveniles. Stunning fish and can t wait until they. Pseudotropheus demasoni place of origin.

Aggressive especially towards other males of the same species. Pseudotropheus demasoni like all malwian fish comes from hard alkaline water ranging in ph from 7 6 8 6. I bought five juveniles in my first attempt to keep this fish and had only one left over after a week.

It is an african cichlid and was named after ad konings friend laifdemason. 1 review s posted write review beautiful bars of blue obtained a group of these a week ago for my first mbuna tank. So far there are two different variants of the same species one called the pombo rock and the other one known as mozambique or sometimes called midnight demasoni whereby.

These fish may be small but make up for it with their striking coloring and what one could call spunk. Pseudotropheus demasoni is monomorphic this means males femals and juveniles all look alike aggressive so please provide plenty of hiding spots for your fish to help minimize injuries and loses. It is found among rocks.

This species is a relatively new addition to aquariums being introduced in 1994. 2 3 temperament. They differ in a few ways from the other pseudotropheus species commonly available to the hobbyist.

Demasoni or better known by its scientific name of pseudotropheus demasoni is a type of tropical freshwater fish that belongs to the mbuna cichlids substrate dwelling group which originates from the lake malawi in africa. Pseudotropheus demasoni is a relatively new addition to the available mbuna species from lake malawi. Demasoni cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni also known as dwarf mbuna was first discovered in 1994 by ad konings.

Pseudotropheus demasoni is an aggressive cichlid. Form and colour is amazing and they respond fantastically to a water change when they come to life.

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