Puntius Denisoni Golden

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The addition of some floating plants and driftwood roots or branches to diffuse the. Puntius denisonii is one of the fishes that are getting popular with surprisingly high rate.

New Golden Barb

A line bred bright golden puntius denisonii colour variant is due to be shown to the world imminently and we at pfk predict the fish will be massively popular.

Puntius denisoni golden. Puntius denisonii common name. Prior scientific names include barbus denisonii barbus denisonii crossocheilus denisonii and labeo denisonii. 2 8 inches 7 cm place of origin.

Gold roseline shark puntius denisonii gold ปลาตะเพ ยนหน าแดง ส ทอง ปลาใหม ล าส ดของกล มน โตเต มว ย 4 5 5 น ว เล ยงรวมก บปลาเล กต พรรณไม น ำท วไปได หร อจะเป น. These fish can reach 5 inches long they prefer a temperature range of 60 77 degrees f but can tolerate up to 80. This barb is an example of what can happen to a species that is wild caught and suddenly becomes in high demand.

Currently the accepted scientific name for this species is puntius denisonii. Puntius semifasciolatus average adult fish size. Denison barb is a brightly colored fish and to keep.

Plants will give the weaker individuals a place to hide until the pecking order of the school is established. Southeast asia typical tank setup. Gold barb china barb half banded barb shubert s barb six banded barb scientific name.

Choice of décor is not especially critical though it tends to show better colouration in a heavily planted set up with a dark substrate. Up to 6 in 15 cm denison barb description. A well planted aquarium with rock work and driftwood bogwood.

Barbus denisonii day 1865. After being named as one of the top new. Puntius denisonii day 1865.

This india born fish has become rather renowned species due to its appealing look and interesting behavior. 72 f 78 f 22 to 26 c ph. Sahyadria denisonii day 1865 red line torpedo barb synonymstop.

The golden form see notes is among the hardier most undemanding species available in the aquarium hobby and as such is a good choice for beginners. Best kept in schools of 4 to 6 and should be kept in a covered. Labeo denisonii day 1865.

The gold morph is the brainchild of cv maju aquarium in indonesia and came about when yellow mutant fish were noted and harvested from their existing p. Named for sir william thomas denison 1804 1871 governor of madras india from. Named after sahyadri noun a vernacular name for the western ghats mountain ranges.

Denison barb denison s barb miss kerala red line torpedo barb roseline shark tank size. Day 1865 the denison barb denison s barb miss kerala red line torpedo barb or roseline shark sahyadria denisonii is an endangered species of cyprinid fish endemic to the fast flowing hill streams and rivers of the western ghats in india. The fish has become a subject of aquarists focus quite recently.

Crossocheilus denisonii day 1865. Denisonii commercial breeding. 44 gallons and more temperament.

The gold roseline shark is also known as gold denison barb gold roseline torpedo barb and gold redline torpedo barb. Denison barb sahyadria denisonii ex.

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