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Further details may be available for individual references in the distribution table details section which can be. Distribution table top of page.

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Salmo trutta fario. According to fao aquaculture production statistics which amalgamate the production of all morphs of salmo trutta under the statistical category of sea trout the main producers 100 tonnes year of salmo trutta in sea water or freshwater in 2010 were the russian federation 80 percent of the global total almost all in freshwater italy romania france the united kingdom germany. Uksi classification unranked biota kingdom animalia phylum chordata subphylum vertebrata class actinopterygii order salmoniformes family salmonidae genus salmo species. Trutta morpha lacustris juga disebut trout danau dan bentuk anadrom yang dikenal sebagai ikan laut s trutta morpha trutta.

Salmo trutta fario sometimes called the river trout and also known by the name of its parent species the brown trout is a predatory fish of the family salmonidae and a subspecies or morph of the brown trout species salmo trutta which also includes sea trout salmo trutta trutta and a lacustrine trout salmo trutta lacustris depending on the supply of food river trout measure 20 to 80. Nom binominal salmo trutta linnaeus 1758 estatut de conservacion uicn lc. Find the perfect salmo trutta fario stock photo.

1987 1 1998 1 media. It includes purely freshwater populations referred to as the riverine ecotype salmo trutta morpha fario a lacustrine ecotype s. No need to register buy now.

The brown trout salmo trutta is a european species of salmonid fish that has been widely introduced into suitable environments globally. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Uksi common name source.

Trocha troita trueita salmo trutta es un peis de la familha dels salmonids qu abita los rius d aigas fredas e oxigenadas. Salmo trutta fario 17 genus. Additional filter scientific name.

Trout coklat adalah spesies ikan salmon eropa yang telah diperkenalkan secara luas ke lingkungan yang sesuai secara global. Unknown or unspecifi 13 germany 3 austria 1 type status. Ligams extèrnes modificar modificar la font referéncia itis.

A congener the atlantic salmon salmo salar is very diffused in the running fresh waters of north europe north america and canada of which the bears are greedy. Per aquò es particularament abondanta dins los rius e estanhs pirenencs. Trutta morpha lacustris also called the lake trout and anadromous forms known as the sea trout s.

One of the best known species is the common trout salmo trutta linnaeus 1758 of which one race is the salmo trutta fario fishes much appreciated at gastronomic level. When several references are cited they may give conflicting information on the status. Huge collection amazing choice 100 million high quality affordable rf and rm images.

Preocupacion menora la truita var. Ini termasuk populasi air tawar murni yang disebut sebagai ekotipe sungai salmo trutta morpha fario ekotipe lacustrine s.

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Salmo Trutta Fario

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