Scarus Coeruleus

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It is calculated. They have even rows of large noticeable scales on their bodies.

Scarus Coeruleus Blue Parrotfish

Containing the figures of birds beasts fishes.

Scarus coeruleus. Scarus coeruleus blue parrotfish hand coloured etching from the natural history of carolina florida and the bahama islands 1731 vol. Scarus nuchalis poey 1860 the blue parrotfish scarus coeruleus is a member of the parrotfish genus scarus. Scarus coeruleus juvenile florida keys usa photo.

Scarus nuchalis poey 1860. Scarus coeruleus bloch 1786 scarus loro bloch schneider 1801. Common 47 of sites occurrence describes how often the species is found on surveys within its distribution.

Scarus coeruleus picture by randall j e. Body color varies from powder blue to deep blue and blue green. Itis col worms cloffa actinopterygii ray finned fishes perciformes perch likes scaridae parrotfishes scarinae etymology.

Instead of teeth they have two beak like plates like parrots. Parrotfish owe their name to the shape of their mouth. The natural history of carolina florida and the bahama islands.

Scarus trilobatus lacepède 1802. Sparus holocyaneos lacepède 1802. Greek skaros a fish described by anciente writers as a parrot fish.

2 by mark catesby. Classification names common names synonyms catalog of fishes gen. Scarus obtusus poey 1860.

Scarus coeruleus bloch 1786 description. It is found on coral reefs in shallow water in the tropical and subtropical parts of the western atlantic ocean and the caribbean sea.

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