Silver Fish With Blue And Yellow Stripes

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The blue angelfish does not have the striking blue crown or other blue highlights of the queen angelfish this species has been known to reproduce with the queen angelfish making a half breed that looks like a mixture between the two species. It has 5 to 7 longitudinal dark colored body stripes.

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This fish is normally bright yellow in colour with beautiful orange stripes on both sides.

Silver fish with blue and yellow stripes. Common name scientific name image. They tend to school below surface waters and if attacked by marauding kingfish they will often dive down to the reef. Stripes on the body are usually interrupted but not as sharply broken or offset above the anal fin as other fish in this.

Color of back green shading to silver on sides golden yellow irregular spots above and below lateral. One good example is the sailor s choice. Stripes black tail black tail margin black tips blackline blackspots blennies combtooth blennies blotch blotches blue blue eye stripe blue face blue fin.

Prominent midlateral yellow stripe begins at mouth and runs to tail broadening as. When the fish are tightly packed their yellow green side stripes merge confusing predators. The blue striped grunt has obvious blue stripes that may appear to be outlined in a darker blue upon close examination.

The average size of these fish is 30 to 60 pounds. Blue angelfish has an overall aqua hue with a yellow shimmer and yellow edges on the fins and scales. A tag is something that best describes the fish you are looking for.

This small silvery plankton feeding fish uses schooling strategies to avoid predators. A slab sided blue gray to silvery spiny rayed fish with slate gray dorsal caudal and anal fins white belly and pectoral fins. Once mature the black stripes completely disappear.

This article lists wide variety or diversity of fish in the lakes and oceans of the state of florida united states. Its habitat is red sea and gulf of aden and can be seen in aggregations of up to 20 and generally feeds on live coral. Wings wrasses wreckfishes yellow yellow eye yellow fin yellow fins yellow head yellow lines yellow nose yellow.

Fish with stripes gallery a variety of species either have permanent stripes on there bodies only have them in displaying camouflage or during a certain maturation stage of life. They are related to the white marlin and the blue marlin. Lower sides and belly with alternating narrow longitudinal pink and yellow stripes.

Silver bass or sand bass. Also there is a dark patch behind the eyes. Opistognathus aurifrons is a tiny fairy like fish with a bright yellow head iridescent white body and huge cartoonish eyes.

Its silver body with occasional. They have a very large blue dorsal fin that looks like a small sail and a long upper jaw that entends into a spear. They have an elongated body that is blue on top and silver on the bottom.

Mostly kept as pairs in aquariums this disk shaped fish is another very peaceful creature. Yellowhead jawfish burrow holes in the sand near reefs.

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