Sturgeon Fish Eggs Price In India

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If you pay huge prices for caviar at an indian hotel 99 of the time you will get rubbish with a 10 000 mark up. Caviar also known as caviare.

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Imperial caviar was so called because traditionally it was the very best eggs of the cat.

Sturgeon fish eggs price in india. The roe can be fresh non pasteurized or pasteurized with pasteurization reducing its culinary and economic value. The world is moving towards farmed caviar from france uruguay and america. Ernakulam district requires around 15 lakh chicken eggs a day.

The term malossol does not refer to the breed of sturgeon but to the method of preservi. Beluga caviar is caviar consisting of the roe or eggs of the beluga sturgeon huso huso the fish is found primarily in the caspian sea the world s largest salt water lake which is bordered by iran azerbaijan kazakhstan russia and turkmenistan it can also be found in the black sea basin and occasionally in the adriatic sea beluga caviar is the most expensive type of caviar with market. Also these fish eggs are harvested by hand which increases the labour cost.

The district also needs around 1 5 lakh duck eggs a day. Caviar can come from several varieties of fish but traditionally refers to fish eggs from wild sturgeon in the caspian sea. So do not touch it.

Instead we get the worst caspian caviar in the world. Caviar is expensive because 18 out of the 27 species of sturgeon fish are considered endangered. The egg price comparison chart shows that price for egg 12 eggs in sturgeon bay is 5 32 lower than the same egg price in zephyrhills united states.

Rarer the sturgeon more will be the price of that caviar. The price for caviar depends on where it comes from and what kind of fish and in 2012 roe from a wild beluga sturgeon from the caspian sea was priced at 16 000 per 1 kilogram. India s largest and trusted online caviar store since 2005.

Egg bearing is a food consisting of salt cured roe of the family acipenseridae caviar is considered a delicacy and is eaten as a garnish or a spread. Caviar is just not a regular fish egg but is a status symbol and having it is considered a luxury. The retail price of duck egg is at rs 6 a piece.

With 3mm eggs this is the largest caviar availa. Its amber grains are. Caviar is the unfertilized eggs of fish also known as roe.

Royal beluga caviar huso huso 000 grade description royal beluga is the king of caviar. Caviar produced from the acipenser gueldenstaedti sturgeon. But so far farmed caviar has not made it to india.

Browse through our collection of the finest cavair at the best prices delivered to anywhere in india within a time frame of 3 working days.

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