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Several species provide caviar from eggs. Sturgeon has been a member of the scottish parliament since 1999 first as an additional member for the glasgow electoral region from 1999 to 2007 and as the.

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Sturgeon is the common name for the 27 species of fish belonging to the family acipenseridae the earliest sturgeon fossils date to the late cretaceous and are descended from other earlier acipenseriform fishes who date back to the triassic period some 245 to 208 million years ago.

Sturgeon. A few others are confined to fresh water. Sturgeon was pressed by jackson carlaw the scottish conservative leader to accept that this was a damning verdict by the uk s chief statistician. Middle english from anglo norman from old french estourgeon of.

Ms sturgeon put a second referendum on scottish independence. Carlaw said it raised questions about. Any of various large freshwater and marine fishes of the family acipenseridae of the northern hemisphere having ganoid scales and edible flesh and valued for their roe which is used for caviar and their swim bladders which are used to make isinglass.

The sturgeon moon takes its name from the fish most readily caught in august by native american tribes photographers captured the giant pink moon across the globe including in colombia turkey. Lake sturgeons can grow huge. Scottish politician nicola sturgeon is scotland s first minister and the leader of the scottish national party snp.

Sturgeon any of about 29 species of fishes of the family acipenseridae subclass chondrostei native to temperate waters of the northern hemisphere. Nicola ferguson sturgeon born 19 july 1970 is a scottish politician serving as the fifth first minister of scotland and the leader of the scottish national party snp since november 2014. Acipenser huso scaphirhynchus and pseudoscaphirhynchus.

It s not unusual to find one six feet long and 200 pounds. Most species live in the ocean and ascend rivers to spawn in spring or summer. The family is grouped into four genera.

Sturgeon definition is any of a family acipenseridae of usually large elongate anadromous or freshwater bony fishes which are widely distributed in the north temperate zone and whose roe is made into caviar. She is the first woman to hold either position. The lake sturgeon is the oldest and largest native fish species in north america s great lakes.

Sturgeon adalah nama umum dari 26 spesies dalam famili acipenseridae termasuk genus acipenser huso scaphirhynchus dan pseudoscaphirhynchus sturgeon adalah famili ikan bertulang tertua yang masih hidup mereka hewan asli sungai danau dan pantai di subtropis iklim sedang dan subarktik sepanjang eurasia dan amerika utara mereka memiliki tubuh yang panjang dengan sisik yang sangat sedikit.

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