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A wave of new hydropower dams particularly in the danube basin could be the final straw for some species. The colour and size of the caviar are influenced by the species and the.

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Sturgeon plural sturgeon or sturgeons.

Sturgeons. For many gourmets caviar dubbed black pearls is a food delicacy without parallel. Sturgeon definition is any of a family acipenseridae of usually large elongate anadromous or freshwater bony fishes which are widely distributed in the north temperate zone and whose roe is made into caviar. Sturgeon definition any of various large fishes of the family acipenseridae inhabiting fresh and salt north temperate waters valued for their flesh and as a source of caviar and isinglass.

Any marine or freshwater fish of the family acipenseridae that are prized for their roe and are endemic to temperate seas and rivers of the northern hemisphere especially central eurasia. Fossils of sturgeons first appear in rocks dating to the middle jurassic about 174 million to 163 5 million years ago. Sturgeons are primarily benthic feeders with a diet of shells crustaceans and small fish.

These gentle giants have been around since the age of the dinosaurs but are now on the brink of extinction due to overfishing a flourishing illegal caviar trade and habitat loss. Beluga osietra russian sturgeon and sevruga stellate sturgeon. Brevirostrum of the atlantic coast is endangered.

Sturgeons are characterized by a long snout with 4 barbels stringlike appendages underneath a toothless mouth and 5 rows of shieldlike bony plates on the body. Sturgeons are the most endangered species group on earth. It is thought that sturgeons evolved from an earlier group of fishes called the palaeonisciforms which appeared at the end of the silurian period about 419 million years ago.

The iucn ssc sturgeon specialist group ssg is a global network of over 50 experts contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of sturgeons and paddlefishes. Among sturgeons only the closely related kaluga huso dauricus can attain similar size with a maximum weight of 1 000 kg 2 200 lb. Iucn ssc sturgeon specialist group co chairs.

Caviar is the unfertilised eggs of sturgeons. Phaedra doukakis and arne ludwig iucn ssc red list authority coordinator. Beluga of such great sizes are very old continuing to grow throughout life and have become increasingly rare in recent decades due to the heavy fishing of this species.

Body compartments and the distribution of electrolytes william stewart hoar david j. The three main traded species of sturgeon produce distinctive caviar. The sturgeons are related to the paddlefish family polyodontidae in the order acipenseriformes.

They feed by extending their syphon like mouths to suck food from the benthos having no teeth they are unable to seize prey though larger individuals and more predatory species can. The upper lobe of the tail fin is longer and more slender than the lower lobe. Sturgeons typically grow slowly but they may attain a great size.

Exceptionally both huso species the white sturgeon and the pallid sturgeon feed primarily on other fish as adults.

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