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Grayling thymallus thymallus 4lb 3oz 1989 s r lanigan river frome dorset. Thymallus thymallus grayling.

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In winter it moves into deeper water.

Thymallus thymallus fish. The species in the genus are generically called graylings but without qualification this also refers specifically to t. The grayling thymallus thymallus belongs in a cold water fish family of 6 species distributed across parts of the northern hemisphere notably absent from ireland the presence of an adipose fin a small fleshy protrusion between the dorsal fin and tail places them firmly in. Its adipose fin the little rubbery one just forward of the tail identifies it as a game fish and yet it insists on spawning in the spring and early summer as the coarse fish do.

Richard cove grayling society and grayling research trust. Although quite unlike a trout in appearance and breeding habits she wears the salmonid badge in the form of. Greek thymallos ou a kind of fish similar to salmon ref.

The fisherman december 30 2019. The grayling thymallus thymallus is a species of the salmon salmonidae family and is found mainly in rivers. The grayling fish thymallus thymallus by.

Grayling affectionately known as the lady of the stream are members of the salmon family and are considered by some anglers as coarse fish and by others as game fish. In poland it grows to a maximum of 55 60 cm. Freshwater fish that lives in rivers less frequently in lakes.

If the sea trout presents us with a conundrum the grayling the lady of the stream is an enigma. It is the only genus of subfamily thymallinae the type species is thymallus thymallus the grayling. However most fish caught tend to be 30 40 cm in length.

It is often silvery or grey in colour hence the name although mature fish can be darker particularly the males around spawning time. The grayling thymallus thymallus is a species of freshwater fish in the salmon family salmonidae it is the only species of the genus thymallus the graylings native to europe where it is widespread from the united kingdom and france to the ural mountains in russia but does not occur in the southern parts of the continent it was introduced to morocco in 1948 but it does not appear to have. Description and habitat of grayling.

Crucian carp dace grayling thymallus thymallus rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss roach rudd and tench tinca tinca fish species are known to have been brought for the purpose of live baiting short description from froese and pauly 2014. The name thymallus could come from the thyme taste of the flesh of this fish ref. It is readily distinguished from other salmonids by the large dorsal fin and quite large scales.

This page has been produced with the kind assistance of dr. During the summer it can be found in shallow areas with rocky bottoms. Actinopterygii ray finned fishes salmoniformes salmons salmonidae salmonids thymallinae etymology.

Thymallus is a genus of freshwater fish in the salmon family salmonidae. The grayling is an unusual fish.

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