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Think of zander as the muscle-bound European cousin of walleye that grow to stupid-dumb-big sizes across the pond. There are 5 species of fish in the Sander Genus.

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Zander a walleye. Walleye being a North American fish and Zander being a Eurasian fish. Walleyes Sauger and Zander are all similar in appearance and of the same Genus Sander. As such they are merely two different sub-species of the Percidae family namely the Sander lucioperca zander and the Sander vitreus walleye.

Waleye is a common and popular game fish in N. Walleye with Minnow Lure A large walleye caught on a minnow lure swims at the surface as it nears a fishermans boat. But they are DIFFERENT species.

Walleye stock pictures royalty-free photos images. Walleye fish on hook in water walleye stock pictures royalty-free photos images. The zander is part of the European clade within the genus Sander which split from a common ancestor with the North American clade which the walleye S.

Best Lure for fishing on walleye zander bass Natural wool on a triple hook handmade lure on walleye zander bass etc. Walleye fish on hook in water Zander fishing. This BiologyWise article gives you a few insights about these two different fish.

Jig fishing for zander is a very rewarding way to fish and when done using short rods and light line will cause every fish to put up a great fight. The Walleye and the zander are genetically very close to one another as they both belong to the exact same genus Sander family Percidae order Perciformes. Theyre kind of like long lost cousins of the fish world.

Zander also commonly known as Pike-Perch European Pike-Perch and European Walleye is a fish from freshwater and brackish habitats in western Eurasia. This week wed like to present to you another great video this time on how to fillet those delicious. America and Zander a common and popular game fish in Europe.

Vitreus and the sauger S. For the most part it can be difficult to distinguish between a walleye and a zander although zanders can get quite a bit bigger. Walleye zander As nouns the difference between walleye and zander is that walleye is one or a pair of sideways-looking misaligned eyes while zander is zander.

The walleye Sander vitreus synonym Stizostedion vitreum also called the yellow pike or yellow pickerel is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and to the Northern United StatesIt is a North American close relative of the European zander also known as the pikeperchThe walleye is sometimes called the yellow walleye to. The zander and walleye fish are one of the most important sport fish in America. Case you didnt know.

This species is very similar to its North American cousin the Walleye. Sander vitreus Walleye – North American fish Sander lucioperca Zander – European fish Sander canadensis Sauger. Zander tend to take the bait as it falls and an echo sounder is a great tool as it lets you see where the shoals are as well as the jig itself.

Canadensis belong to around 208 million years ago. The world-record zander was caught in Switzerland in June 2016 and weighed 253 pounds and the fish reportedly reach an average length of 15-12 to 31-12 inches up to nearly 50 inches. In some Youtube videos I see some people fishing in New York and catching Zander.

Walleye prized widely for its taste in N. But with the recent decline of walleye many restaurants serve zander in the name of walleye ruining its good name. All rights on this lure reserved and patented.

America and Zander prized widely in Europe and Asia for its taste. We are constantly improving our fishing gear lure for better fishing results. Three look very similar.

Honestly still cant get enough of em because 1 theyre neat to look at 2 its fun to imagine walleye growing THAT big and 3 I want to catch one or seven someday.

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