Coregonus Kiyi

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The kiyi coregonus kiyi is a species of freshwater whitefish a deepwater cisco endemic to the great lakes of north america. Upper great lakes kiyi have fewer gill rakers a longer head and longer paired fins.

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The kiyi coregonus kiyi koelz 1921 is a member of the subfamily coregoninae of the family salmonidae.

Coregonus kiyi. Artedi are called tullibees. The kiyi coregonus kiyi is a deep water cisco native to lakes ontario huron michigan and superior it is now believed extirpated from lakes huron and ontario and is endangered in lake michigan. Kiyi coregonus kiyi don t be fooled by those big animated eyes.

Formerly in all the great lakes and some inland lakes in the drainage. There are two subspecies of kiyi upper great lakes kiyi coregonus kiyi kiyi located in lake superior and lake ontario kiyi coregonus kiyi once found in lake ontario. Negative interactions with alewives alosa pseudoharengus a non native species are suspected in the decline of the lake michigan population as alewives are abundant at the.

It is characterized by an elongate laterally compressed body with a large eye and a terminal mouth with the lower jaw typically projecting beyond the upper figure 1. They rise as the mysids rise by night and sink with them by day all the while using those big eyes to watch for incoming lake trout. Moving about in the shadowy regions of superior s deep waters they hunt their freshwater quarry mysis with efficiency and speed.

Still present in inland lakes. Coregonus kiyi common name kiyi location state michigan description creator the digital michigan distribution maps were compiled by rachel a. The lower jaw and upper lip are darkly pigmented.

Coregonus kiyi kiyi 2000 ways that people benefit from these animals. Assessment and update status report on the lake ontario kiyi and upper great lakes kiyi 2005. It previously inhabited lake superior lake michigan lake huron and lake ontario but is now believed to persist only in lake superior where it is common the various deepwater ciscos are also called chubs not to be confused with the various species of cyprinidae.

Deep bodied populations of c. Simpson with the help of douglas nelson and other staff members in the division of fishes of the university of michigan museum of zoology. The lateral line scales are usually 73 to 87.

This salmonide has a pointed snout with a lower jaw that extends slightly beyond the upper jaw. Coregonus is a diverse genus of fish in the salmon family. Coregonus kiyi koelz 1921 kiyi.

This species has a large eye that is nearly equal to its snout length. Species map number species map 89 related material. The coregonus species are known as whitefishes.

The genus contains at least 68 described extant taxa but the true number of species is a matter of debate.

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