Coregonus Lavaretus

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Coregonus lavaretus is a species of freshwater whitefish in the family salmonidae it is the type species of its genus coregonus. According to this view there is a great number of distinct whitefish species in lakes rivers and brackish waters of central and northern europe.

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The type species of the genus is coregonus lavaretus.

Coregonus lavaretus. In a narrow sense coregonus lavaretus or the lavaret is considered to be endemic to lake bourget and lake aiguebelette in the rhône river basin in france whereas it formerly also occurred in lake geneva. Appendix iii of the bern convention protected fauna. Introduced to iran ref.

The whitefishes in general vary considerably in body and head shape. Datasets have provided data to the nbn atlas for this species. European whitewish common whitewish lavaret.

Is é coregonus lavaretus speiceas d iasc an fhionnuisce geal atá sa teaghlach salmonidae. Size varies greatly from one population to another. Coregonus lavaretus at the catalogue of life coregonus lavaretus at encyclopedia of life.

Is é an speiceas cineál a ghéineas coregonus. Coregonus lavaretus on integrated taxonomic information system. Tá smaointe éagsúla mar gheall ar scaipeadh na speiceas coregonus lavaretus agus mar gheall ar líon na speiceas sa ghéineas coregonus i gcoitinne.

Coregonus lavaretus on wikimedia commons. Are many parallel and wrong scientific names for this species in use because of the problems in classifying the genus coregonus ref. Coregonus lavaretus has a small mouth and a protruding upper jaw.

Checklist of british freshwater fishes version 1 recommended ulster museum and marine conservation society marine directory version 1 recommended cell vertebrates version 1. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like coregonus lavaretus linnaeus 1758. Coregonus lavaretus at world register of marine species.

Coregonus lavaretus at national center. Most coregonus species inhabit lakes and rivers and several species including the arctic cisco c. Coregonus is a diverse genus of fish in the salmon family the coregonus species are known as whitefishes the genus contains at least 68 described extant taxa but the true number of species is a matter of debate.

Checklists containing coregonus lavaretus linnaeus 1758. Recorded distribution in britain and ireland found in a few estuaries and rivers off the irish sea from west england to south west scotland with a notable populations in the river eden cumbria and llyn tegid wales. Coregonus lavaretus picture by østergaard t.

Autumnalis the bering. 15 55 cm seldom exceeds 2 kg. There are widely different concepts about the delimitation of the species coregonus lavaretus and about the number of species in the genus coregonus in general.

Coregonus lavaretus at fishbase.

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