Corydoras Nanus

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These corydoras require a well planted tank with lots of hiding places. This fish has been found in creeks with a moderate current 0 5 to 3 m wide shallow 20 cm to 50 cm depth with.

Nanus Cory Cat Corydoras Nanus Species Profile Nanus Cory Cat

They are a social species.

Corydoras nanus. Find near nearer or same sized spp. The expected life span for corydoras nanus is 3 5 years. Little tributaries of gran rio between ligoria ligolio and awaradam falls brokopondo suriname.

Every species of corydoras brochis and aspidoras. Corydoras nanus is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the corydoradinae sub family of the family callichthyidae it originates in inland waters in south america and is found in the suriname and maroni river basins in suriname and the iracoubo river basin in french guiana. Recommended minimum aquarium capacity.

Only use smooth sand or round gravel for the substrate as the barbels can be easily damaged. The nanus is gold with a series of black stripes running horizontally from the back of the head to the tail. 120744 not evaluated cites ref.

Keep them in small groups of. Corydoras is a genus of freshwater catfish the name being derived from the greek words kory meaning helmet and doras meaning skin. Please carefully check our delivery conditions before you place an order.

We combine the shipping cost if you order more goods from us. Corydoras nanus average adult fish size. 50mm or 2 sl.

These bottom dwellers will like plenty of bogwood and some rocks as well as much vegetation and planted aquarium is a must for these corydoras. The nanus cory cat sometimes referred to as the mini cory comes from the tributaries of larger river systems in central and south america and is a peaceful bottom dwelling scavenger. Corydoras nanus picture by jjphoto.

Little corydoras corydoras nanus. 116361 not evaluated threat to humans. 118484 not evaluated cms ref.

Offering corydoras nanus nanus cory. The image used above is for illustration purposes only. 30 gallon 120 litre.

Written by mike wheeler. 2 inches 5 cm place of origin. 26041 iucn red list status ref.

Nanus corydoras catfish scientific name. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. Corydoras ln5 nanus nijssen isbrücker 1967.

The nanus cory cat requir. There are probably more than 160 distinct species of corydoras from which the aquarist may choose. Mini corys will be more active after lights out.

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