Demasoni Cichlid Fish

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The tanks where multiple cichlids reside need to have various rock formations. Agressive diet nutrition.

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This dwarf mbuna cichlid is not all that common in the hobby and they can fetch a hefty price tag for freshwater fish.

Demasoni cichlid fish. Hobbyists will enjoy the vibrant colors and distinct markings of our healthy stock of pseudotropheus demasoni. 40 gallons ideal tank conditions. All juveniles have come my demasoni breeding colony.

Mike fishlore admin social media. It should not be kept with other species of fish. With around 30 available for delivery next we.

If they are kept with other demasoni cichlids it s best to have a ratio of 1 male to at least 2 females. The demasoni cichlid is a relatively new cichlid from the pombo rocks area of lake malawi in africa. Demasoni are mbunas which is a large family of cichlid fish that originally lived only in lake malawi in east africa.

It comes from lake malawi and is a more recent addition to the aquarium hobby. My fish for sale are between 1 and 8 weeks old. Omnivore that needs mainly herbivorous foods.

It is unique fish and a great choice for a home aquarium as long as a few guidelines are followed. Pseudotropheus demasoni common name. The demanson s cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni is an extremely sharp looking african cichlid.

Demasoni cichlid dwarf mbuna. Lake malawi africa minimum tank size. It is not grouped in the category of community fish for this reason.

But now they live in aquariums all over the world. Stunning demasoni cichlid fish for sale. Maintaining this ratio will help minimize the male s aggression towards the females.

Demasoni cichlid tank mates. These are fabulous fish with vibrant colors and patterns. There are several species of mbunas for sale in this store.

Demasoni cichlids can be kept solo or with other fish. I currently have 50 pseudotropheus demasoni cichlid juveniles for sale. Demasoni cichlid midnight demasoni adult size.

10 18 temperament. It can only be kept with other demasoni cichlids. The demasoni cichlid is a highly aggressive fish.

Updated august 6 2019 author. It was first described and brought into the hobby in 1994 by ad konings and was named after his good friend laif demason. The pseudotropheus demasoni cichlid originates from lake malawi in africa at a place called pombo rocks.

The demasoni cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni is a relatively uncommon cichlid which originates from a specific rocky point called pombo rocks within the waters of lake malawi located in tanzania africa the male of this species has dark blue or black vertical stripes with alternating lighter stripes of light blue to white. 3 inches life expectancy. 75 0 to 82 0 f ph range.

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