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The bulk of the fish in the trade are now said to be this smaller species which is the true denisonii. The denison barb sahyadria denisonii is a freshwater tropical fish that can be found natively in the waters of southern india.

Puntius Denisonii Redline Barb Roseline Shark

The natural color form of this species has become extremely popular among aquarists over the past few years and a few commercial breeding programs have been developed to ensure its longevity.

Denisonii fish. They require large tanks to thrive that are 55 gallons or more. Learn about the denison barb puntius denisonii. Also known by the names red torpedo barb and roseline shark the gold denison s barb sahyadria denisonii is one of the most strikingly colorful and active fish available for the freshwater aquarium.

72 f 78 f 22 to 26 c ph. Puntius denisonii common name. Denison barbs are active fish that do well if kept in schools of at least 6 or more.

During the 2000s it was the indian state of kerala s most important export but collection of wild fish is now prohibited to an extent. Up to 6 in 15 cm denison barb description. Bleeding eye barb denison barb denison s flying fox red comet barb red line barb red lined torpedo fish roseline shark torpedo barb miss kerala.

44 gallons and more temperament. The denison barb denison s barb miss kerala red line torpedo barb or roseline shark sahyadria denisonii is an endangered species of cyprinid fish endemic to the fast flowing hill streams and rivers of the western ghats in india. It is commonly seen in the aquarium trade.

They are a shoaling fish and have proven to be very popular among freshwater tropical fish hobbyists mainly because of their shark like bodies and unique coloring. Pet collection caused it to become endangered and is its single major threat. The fish has become a subject of aquarists focus quite recently.

This article contains detailed information on care feeding the breeding of this beautiful fish. Denison barb is a brightly colored fish and to keep. Puntius denisonii is one of the fishes that are getting popular with surprisingly high rate.

An environmental assessment in 1997 listed this species as endangered however it is not on the 2002 iucn redlist for fishes nor the recently published redlist for 2004. Denison barb fish profile care feeding breeding requirements tank mates. Denison barb denison s barb miss kerala red line torpedo barb roseline shark tank size.

Denison barb sahyadria denisonii ex. Chalakkudiensis are listed as endangered in the iucn red list of threatened species and wild stocks may have dwindled by as much as 50 in the last 15 years or so. This india born fish has become rather renowned species due to its appealing look and interesting behavior.

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