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Inkubasi berlangsung antara 21 23 hari dan anakan membutuhkan waktu 5 6 minggu untuk bisa mandiri. Fischeri in your home it is useful to know as much as possible about this bird.

Mengenal Lebih Jauh Lovebird Kacamata Fischer Agapornis Fischeri

A similar trait to that of larger parrots.

Fischeri lovebird. Lovebird euwing atau ewing ditemukan pertama kali pada tahun 2004 oleh penangkar lovebird asal belanda bernama piet verhijde. The more lovebirds you acquire and it s hard to buy just one the. όρνις ornis bird a small genus of parrot eight species are native to the african continent with the grey headed lovebird being native to madagascar.

They are native to a small area of east central africa south and southeast of lake victoria on the inland plateaus of northern tanzania. Mengapa dinamakan lovebird euwing. Fischer s lovebirds are as intelligent as they are inquisitive.

They are birds that are small between 13. Social and affectionate the name comes from the parrots strong monogamous pair bonding and the long periods which paired birds spend sitting together. Ketika hidup di alam liar fischeri lovebird ketika bertelur bisa menghasilkan 3 6 butir dengan masa inkubasi yang bisa selama 21 23 hari lamanya.

Females of the species are more aggressive than the males but with proper training especially from a young age they can bond well with their owners. They have a total population of 10 millions mostly lives in reserves fischer s lovebird agapornis fischeri is a small parrot species of the genus agapornis they were originally discovered in the late 19th century and were first bred in the united states in 1926. If you are planning to keep a.

Lovebird fischeri memiliki nama ilmiah agapornis dan untuk pertama kali di temukan jenis lovebird ini di negara tanzania dai bagian utata taman nasional serengeti. They are named after german explorer gustav fischer. Di alam liar lovebird fischeri bertelur 3 6 butir telur pada musim kemarau januari sampai juli.

Lovebird is the common name of agapornis greek. Keberadaan lovebird fischeri saat ini terancam punah akibat perdagangan burung ilegal. Dia berhasil mencetak lovebird euwing dengan mengawinkan indukan lovebird lutino fischeri dan lovebird hijau standar atau lovebird josan.

Lovebirds are a chatty bunch singing and whistling all day long and are especially vocal at dawn and dusk. They are not known for their talking ability but their song is pleasant more so than many other companion parrots. When let outside they like to preen on the owner s hair and clothes.

The fischer s lovebird agapornis fischeri synonym agapornis personata fischeri is a species of bird in the parrot family. Agapornis fischeri agapornis fischeri commonly known as fischer s lovebird is a small parrot originating from a small region in east central africa it is known for being a very sociable bird that forms close ties to its owner. Birds love is one of the nine bird species of the genus agapornis from the greek word agape which means love and ornis which shall mean bird.

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