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The jack dempsey fish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. The jack dempsey fish is a fairly popular central american cichlid and is named after the famous boxer from the 1920 s.

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Jack dempsey is a carnivorous fish.

Jack dempsey fisch. Because of the fish congenital aggressiveness towards its tank mates the usa aquarists have called it jack dempsey by the name of the popular professional boxer. Published august 6 2019 author. One of the essential reasons why jack dempsey is very popular is their mixture of colors.

They re in the cichlid family which includes over 1 500 species including angelfish african cichlids and discus. The common name for the jack dempsey may make you think that this fish is a bruiser. Jack dempsey rocio octofasciata earlier called cichlasoma octofasciatum is a widely spread tank fish within north and central america.

Jack dempsey fish overview. Its common name refers to its aggressive nature and strong facial features likened to that of the famous 1920s boxer jack dempsey. Jacks are named after world heavyweight boxing champion 1919 1926 jack dempsey.

The jack dempsey rocio octofasciata is a species of cichlid fish that is native to freshwater habitats from southern mexico to honduras but also introduced elsewhere. If you can control them properly you can maintain a beautiful tank of jack dempsey fish. They have an oval shape and is one of the most beautiful fish out there.

Jan 1 2014 jack dempsey fish. See more ideas about jack dempsey fish fish cichlids. Mike fishlore admin social media.

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